SXM Pre Release discussion

I was confused on that too and wasn’t able to get an answer from the devs or mods. It seems like it’s just being renamed.

Which is odd, as you mentioned, the current pax variant has PW engines, so why rename it to something it clearly is not?

They did the same thing with the BAE 146, ATR 72 and CRJ700 so who knows what they’re doing.

What makes the 757 slightly different to the BAE or CRJ is that the devs did actually post a photo of the advance model with PW engines around the time LEJ was released, and we already have the B752F which has RR engines, which makes me think the 757 remodel is quite likely for 2.0, especially with how common they were at SXM


That is true, it was unfinished but we did get a look at it.

Personally I don’t think so, but at the same time I love the 757 so I would enjoy being surprised. It’s definitely possible that they quietly finished the model in the background though, and it would make sense for the SXM release.

So if not 2.0 then definitely in the following updates. The devs said they are going to get all the airplane models to current quality standards as fast as possible after 2.0 releases, so they can implement features such as airline names on planes and retractable landing gear.


Just seen this posted on the WOA Instagram page


We all did lol! The only notable thing in that is the pushback truck model

Yeah I did notice the pushback truck, but didnt think much of it, nice to see that getting changed. Got another look at the new UI at least!

Not relating to the previous topic but it just occurred to me when any of our fleet planes go into maintenance schedule carrying no cargo and passengers, do the pushback trucks hulls the plane to the airport hub hanger in the airport they are operating or do the plane fly out to 3 destinations player choice?

If you look closely at the airplane card it shows the upcoming minigame (marchelling in the picture) and an option to toggle it on/off.


I heard somebody say it should release June 30th but I’m not sure if it will.

Also do we know if it will be laggy on lower end devices? I’m worried it will crash because of the details.

The devs have said they have tested on bad phones and it runs smoothly.

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alright thanks.

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Not quite, the official word from the devs is a goal to release it by June 30, not a hard release date :slightly_smiling_face:


I must point out, I think it is funny that ULDs can be seen at an airport that has no widebody aircraft.

Also it appears that the Piper Cherokee has been added to the roster of static GA aircraft :partying_face:. Also might be a Bonanza with a conventional tail. Someone help me out.

Also, does the 757 look new to anyone?

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I’m positive the Icelandair 757 looks different, most noticeable the belly, as it seems to be a considerably darker shade of blue than the current version of the livery

Of course, it could simply be the shadows, but I can’t say I’ve seen a 757 freighter (non-player) at INN as of yet

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Oh yeah the 757F is a new addition, Im assuming you could get contracts for DHL and others as well.

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Looks like the old model for me. The cockpit doesnt seem to have an interior like other 2nd/3rd gen models


Hard to tell from the picture but those could be LD3-45s which are used on the Airbus A320 family. And apparently there are also LD3s with a reduced height used on the Airbus narrow bodies.


Bummer. I really want the 757 :smiling_face_with_tear:

Possibly, I think the devs just chose a generic model for static pieces for all airports, but that’s definitely a plausible scenario. That or they are for the cargo aircraft.

It’s just an observation. It’s so far away I could be wrong. Besides if the 752F has a new model I think a 757 remodel can’t be far. We managed to wait a year for 2.0 surely we can wait a few months for a remodel.