SYD Pre Release Discussion

Welcome to Sydney in Australia :australia: which will make it the first airport in the Oceania continent.
Any questions? Post them below before Sydney get released. Let’s see what the Devs bring out for Sydney :blush:


SYD being the next airport surely means the B744RR is coming soon as Qantas were the other major operator of RR 747’s along with BA


i think cathay pacific had more 747RRs than qantas

Well, what I am thinking about this moment is the operation of runways…

I remember planes mostly land on the west runway (the one in between domestic terminal and international terminal) and take off on the east runway based on my previous visits… Would that be the case for the game?

Do you think we will have access to all three runways?

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The other Qantas 747s are in the game also

From the experience of PRG in WoA and flights to SYD IRL I suppose maybe not…

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IRL, does SYD only use two runways? If so, which two?

This leaves South America and Africa as the remaining locations.
New Delhi (South Asia) is also a given.Kai Tak (Hong Kong) will also come.

Kenya or South Africa would be a good location for Africa.In South America, Brazil would be a strong candidate.

After that, I would recommend Honolulu or Anchorage.Seoul-Incheon would also be interesting.

I think it would be good to have one in Southeast Asia (Manila, Bangkok, Singapore, Jakarta, etc.).

Red are airports that have already arrived
Orange are airports that have been finalized
Green circles are areas where it would be very nice to have one in the upcoming WoA.


I am not totally affirmative that “only two” is the case. But from my limited amount of flights to SYD, my flights all used 16L/34R and 16R/34L.

(I live in South Australia so I have to say transferring at MEL is preferred simply due to the shorter domestic leg, and getting from domestic terminal to international terminal, even flying Qantas or other oneworld members on the international leg is simply a nightmare. I cannot even made that flight from SYD to HKG and of course my subsequent flight to my hometown, if that flight was not delayed and my domestic leg was actually on time!).

So I suppose, yes, the question I have could be interpreted this way:

What runway operation configuration will we have for SYD?
1.Configuration like what we have in LHR, all flights land on 16R/34L and take off from 16L/34R maybe? (In this case all flights from International Terminal have to cross the runway, which I have to say I’d like not to have because it really reduces the operation efficiency and the runway crossing in LHR still have some problems (and I have noticed these).
2.Configuration like what we have in MCT, similar to LHR but this would be the worst case scenario. I MCT I attempt to avoid using the aprons at the old terminal due to runway crossing plus all the planes at old terminal and cargo terminal take off from the main landing runway. And this would be worse than MCT as I cannot avoid international flights!
3. Configuration same as LEJ, this would the most favorable one for me. Domestic flights use 16L/34R and International flights use 16R/34L. This comes with the highest efficiency and airport can be easily filled with planes.


as you can see in the image 25/07 is used for taxiing


Screenshot 2023-12-30 08.30.37
another example of an a380 using it for taxiiing

New Delhi isn’t a given at all. The costing structure used by Unity, as it stands, fully rules New Delhi out.
Unless something changes, we won’t see New Delhi even if work has already taken place on the build.
For the time being - forget about New Delhi


Agree with all, and I also recommend Los Angeles, Paris - Charles De Gaulle, Frankfurt, Dubai, and Hong Kong - Chek Lap Kok as alternatives.


I had a look at SYD on Flightradar after the announcement. At that time, two runways (16L + 16R) were used for landings and take-offs. I’m curious whether this will be implemented inGame (like LEJ)

I think the location is very good. I am curious about local airlines there.

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I think that would be the case, devs always try to implement the typical operation I think? The LEJ one is preferred for me.

There should be Qantas, Jetstar, and Virgin Australia here, and I am not sure if Rex will be added.

It is worth noting that QF’s A388 will be widely available to many destinations like BA’s A388 in LHR. And VA do have B77W in the game, although VA is not operating them right now as far as I know.

It’s really good that you are bringing update a little bit fast . Hope to see Delhi airport to be release soon

Devs added local SXM airlines to the game when they released SXM so REX would be in too (by logic). They have the B738 and Saab 340.

Yeah pretty sad they weren’t doing too well with them. They were flying the 77W from SYD to LAX and the A332 from SYD to HKG

The A332s were doing local flights to as both QF and VA use them for legs such as SYD-MEL and SYD-PER. Even A333 for Qantas a few occasions. Hopefully they can be purchased as a local contract.