SYD Pre Release Discussion

As said above, there is no info, it was announced that way but somehow I can’t believe it with all the announcements already made for 2.4

I would like to share with you my strategy for unlocking SYD.

I’ve been playing LHR at max lvl for months, but I only generate SP (LHR is a SP super generation machine)

I’ve started to get a lot of IRL contracts up to 90% and then park them. As soon as 2.4 is out, I can generate a lot of XP within 30 minutes. I hope to unlock SYD as quickly as possible, let’s see if it’s enough. I actually wanted to keep my GP for the SYD upgrade. :slight_smile:


That’s my same strategy
That’s how I got to lvl 80 the last time new levels were added


Me too (:

My strategy too, only difference is that I don’t park them. They are in the air for weeks…


Will we be able to unlock generic contracts to other airport VIA places like singapore or dubai because most contracts to europe or North America probably wont be able to reach syd unless they stop somewhere

Depends. You’re probably not going to see a whole lot of generic European contracts to begin with because there’s very few European destinations from SYD to begin with. So I wouldn’t expect it

You’ll probably see all the major US/Canadian airlines from the west coast


How about qantas flights?

I’d still be expect there to be very few, given that Qantas has a very small number of European flights.

But of course, that’s just what I would expect personally. We won’t know for sure until it’s released


They did revive their CDG-PER flight so maybe there’s some ultra LR flights back on the menu for SYD in the near future.

There is.

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Oh dang, SYD to London and New York! That’s convenient if you need to go that way, but I can’t for the life of me imagine (having only experienced cattle class economy) a 20 HOUR FLIGHT lol. I’d have to be drugged and knocked out for most of it.

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Has Beta testing begun by any chance?

From LHR there are contracts to SYD, MEL for example with a BA B788 and a Qantas A332. Also to NOU and NAN. So I suspect operators of the 787 and A350 family like BA, Air France will have flights to SYD. While they’re not possible with your fleet planes, the AI contracts distance can be ‘manipulated’ let’s say to in theorie have less passengers, thus they can fly further.

Although it totally depends on the developers if they include those airlines, so we’ll need so see what happens.

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To accept that I watch the daily broadcasts of the syd airport on YouTube, I see that the main airlines from Asia arrive more frequently and I have seen Air Canada, United, Delta, Hawaiian Airlines, Aer lingus, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, Emirates, Qatar, ethiad. We’ll see what other destinations will be for syd.

You’ve seen Aer Lingus and Virgin Atlantic at SYD?
How is that possible? I have not found any route. Maybe they were rented from other airlines?

Aer Lingus doesn’t even fly to East (Asia etc) yes they did flew to Beijing and Dubai but Beijing was for medicinal supplies and Dubai I’m not sure they probably discontinued it in the late 2000s.

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Virgin Atlantic to SYD was a thing for a bit, same for their flights to Tokyo. I think they used A340s, possibly 600s as I know the 300s often went to Tokyo.

I watch the Sydney Squadron transmissions, their channel on YouTube, they are spotters from Australia and they make the transmissions, that’s why I say, maybe the Aero Lingus thing was some special flight, I saw it.

Not yet