Tons of new leaks - dev chat

Devblog abt alliances coming in a week on forums, a320 liveries also will be on forums in a week.
A320 releases in a few weeks.
SYD is still at least a few months out, possibly not until 2.5.
5 (!) separate airports are in development right now. We know SYD and iAd are both in dev, but the other three are unknown.
NGO, San, and MCT are not going to be remodeled.
Kai tak is planned and will be in WoA, not as its own game. When that happens, a lot of retro liveries and aircraft will release, including 707, 727, and md11.
The 737 family will be remodeled with all variants.
Lots of new bus models are being added.
There is a brand new UI that is going to release very soon.
Desync problems where you have to constantly reload airports to get back player contracts will be fixed shortly.
New taxi system is coming along well.
New mini games are planned including takeoff and pushback. The mini game rewards will likely be substantially changed.
Runway and stand maintenance is coming which will allow for you to edit stands.
Alliances and changing aircraft bases are both coming soon, and coming together.
Hangars are being added? Will be usable by alliance members also.
New levels will be added to all airports in 2.3.
Not all runways will be usable in SYD, just the two parallel ones.
Dash 8 is going to be remodeled.
After the A320, Crjs will be remodeled, and then the 757 after that.
The plan is still to add an airport per continent. A South African airport is planned, presumably cpt.
A wind system will be added to the game
A330neo and 767 are both going to be added after all aircraft are remodeled
Medical emergencies are planned as well as things like delays etc.
only A320 livs will be added next update, no livs for other aircraft.
Storage airports are planned, but will not be playable.
Easter eggs will be added in all airports.
Santiago airport likely to be the first South American airport.
Something about scheduling and potentially having certain contracts use a preferred stand
Bizjets will be added shortly
Cockpit views incoming.
Prefer to add pax planes over military


World of Bus Stations!

This has got me very, very excited

That’ll be interesting to see how it works when it gets added, I was thinking to myself earlier when playing INN that the business jets and GA aircraft models are really high quality for just static scenery


Those A320neos look stellar can’t wait to accept them at IAD :heart_eyes:


Great timing since the uatc devs just Announced their return.So excited!
Also great to see bendy busses in the game


A further update to add that the let410 will definitely be added to the game at some point in the future, although it is not yet a priority.

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Did you see wether or not the jetways and 3d scenery(for san and ngo especially) will be updated for the three airports that aren’t getting reworked?


No, there are no planned updates to those three airports.

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Never mind! I’m just blind :smiley:


Well they will look interesting not gonna lie.
Can’t wait for the Update! :heart_eyes:

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Dude ENOUGH with this BS, it has been done and out of the way I have said that from the beginning, here is proof

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Bit aggressive for a friendly forum


This is from Kuba. Yes, it was an April foolls joke, but Kuba would like to see it. There is no need to be aggressive about it.


I don’t think the community sees my point

After the terrorism BS I said that I was never doing that again and even took a break to learn from it, even some people like @OrangeAir was shouting about the Crap I started, Now I made it clear that I will never make Terrorism or Collision crap ever again, and even asked someone to stop makeing collision after my brake.

We can make some funny stuff on the forum but inappropriate stuff like Collision etc and aircraft that makes Buzz around the community and said as a prank need to be cut it out. I told everyone that it was not funny and even locked the prank thread and yet people still continue with this Crap. I am going to be absolutely clear and I will put it in Bold Next reply about this (unless it’s a mod) will be reported and disapline action will be taken

The fact that it is still being talked about is starting to to irritate me and wants me to stop it again as a last resort.

Now GIVE IT UP and let’s get this topic back on the train tracks

Getting back to the topic: can we appreciate how close the devs are to the community. We already knew this before but the devs just keep surpassing my expectations.
A lot of these features/improvements seem to mirror wishes expressed by the community (e.g. the desync problem/storage airports).
Not only that but they still value communicating with us (through the q&a and an upcoming dev blog) even with the hard work they put into the game.


I really like the bus changes.
Two more things I’d like to see added would be

  1. ‘Liverys’ for the busses. Before 2.0 the busses at PRG had a ‘livery’ and it seems like the new busses for SAN are getting a new one too. So it’d be great if the rest of the airports get one too.
  2. Multiple busses for pax. Rn it seems like a bus is just a black hole being able to cram all pax from planes ranging up to the A388 into two single busses. It’d be more realistic if once the bus gets full it just drives off and a new one comes to replace it (we have this for the cargo loaders).
    I know these are a bit much to ask for but it would increase realism and immersion.

Thanks for the summary!

I also read the dev blog yesterday with great interest.

I thought it was great that many problems are now being accepted and addressed!

I’m most looking forward to the new taxi system so that aircraft can finally land more efficiently and T5 at LHR finally makes sense (as does the other half of the new MCT terminal).

The devs have great ideas for the future and I don’t have the feeling that the game will bore me for the next few years.


Right, first thing is why are you getting so argumentative about the Let 410? A question was asked about it and based on the wording the devs have clearly stated the intent to add the aircraft at some point, and just wanted to let you know about it.

Second, I don’t know why the issues with the news thread are relevant here, that matter has been closed for quite a while now.

It’s getting a little to common to see you getting argumentative as of late, as was mentioned by Carlsberg in one of the recent announcement posts, the forum has had a very good record in regards to taking disciplinary action, and the last thing we want to do is take action against a user because they are causing arguments (and this is something relevant to everyone on the forum, as we want to maintain a friendly atmosphere).

I don’t want to be seen as getting on at you here, but I’m doing it to try and keep everything civil and prevent any further issues. Want to make sure everyone is civil and can have a friendly discussion about the upcoming content :slightly_smiling_face:


Well, it shows good progress in general for this game and I would appreciate devs for everything. There are also something I would like to further comment on.

I feel a bit confused about SYD. There were model images very early on this forum and since then we don’t see significant progress on this, for likely a quarter. Don’t get me wrong and I am not impatient about this, whereas I do would like to hear from devs in relation to what is happening with SYD, considering they have done something to progress airports faster I believe. I am pretty happy to hear something like “we have to prioritize something else (A320 family or rework on other existing stuff…)” or “there are some challenges while we are working on SYD and therefore the roadmap was delayed”. I have mentioned on this forum that clear communication about what is happening exactly from devs can be really appreciated due to these simple things are actually very rare in this industry.

Very good to hear that, I am not sure about the another three, but from clues on this forum, PRG expansion is also something I have heard about but I am not sure it will arrive like MCT in the game before the expansion is actually done. And I also don’t know if they include DEL in the discussion.

To be honest, I am concerned about this. I understand Kai Tak is exhilarating and a key chapter in world aviation history (so I am not discussing about its significance), whereas I feel this game is about existing airports, rather than historical ones. There are also something the devs would need to sort out before they actually add a historical airport to this game, like how the airport should co-exist with the HKG now (Kai Tak also used HKG as its IATA code!), and how the two airports interact with all playable airports, it would be more headaching than it seems.

Actually some buses may be city buses? (Like SAN one) This is lovely!

Plus, I know some airports in Germany use conventional buses rather than specialized apron buses, but I am not sure if this applies to LEJ (and maybe INN although it is in Austria).

Wow just wow, so basically they will introduce a new UI one year after they introduced a new UI? That is really impressive for me and I believe existing UI is fine for me but the new UI is definitely at another level.

Oh finally, I am happy devs listened to players once again! I once reset an airport in 1.0 due to I had made something wrong, so later on it would never be a problem.

This is the typical operation for sure and consistent with my initial guess. I also understand intersecting runways requires very complicated coding so I won’t complain anything on this.

I am curious about what this would do in the game… Will it be more like a minigame thing so people can ignore? Or we have to change runway directions accordingly?

Ohhh… SCL! One of my professors at uni told me SCL should be very efficient simply by looking its layout, let’s see how it goes.

Will biz jets be another size category? (like XS or something), and saying about B767 mentioned in the post as well, as it is also another ICAO category so what will the game do with this? (I suggest devs will make B767 a L plane, rather than a new cat.)

I agree with that but I do wish devs can rework on existing military planes to make them have a better look before they make more pax planes.


Um okay so SYD and IAD (remodel) in the works and according to this 3 more airports in line.
One in Africa [someone somewhere said south african]
One in South America which someone said would be Santiago.
That leaves us with one more.
Wonder if its another airport in Southeast Asia ever since DEL was put on hold?
Coz after these NGO will still be the only airport from where M planes wont be able to connect with player airports.


What do you mean when saying editing stands?

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