UI - Bug Reports (for reporting bugs relating to the user interface itself)

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I see! Heh, heh, heh! Who had thought that national-level politics & politicians would find their way even into the WOA! I was ready to play along with that title (Golem makes it sound almost like a disease!) but I guess I’ll now avoid it. Thanks.

ready, I already sent it to you

Nope, haven’t got it yet. It might be on its way, though- on the wings of a “bug” (lol)!

Nope, nothing even now! Look, amigo, it’s been 2 days since I requested the dispatch, and I am still waiting for my precious cargo to arrive. If that’s how things are going to be, then I am soooo NOT chartering Air Legomogo again!


air legomogo? Hahaha
but I do not understand you, with that you mean that the video has not arrived?

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Ahem, your B777F landed just minutes ago (please check out the arrival-time screenshot below)…

And I got my priceless cargo! Mucho, mucho gracias! Like you said, it’s certainly BEAUTIFUL! Especially the floating-over-the-scrub part, & also where the tail-top cam detaches from the tail & floats away to the right (heh heh heh)! But had it happened to me, I would’ve freaked out at first, thinking that I must have had something to do with it (in the sense that by excessively playing that airport, I may’ve caused the software to become corrupted)! Anyway, like you said, these “new” cam angles (I counted two, but it may’ve been just the one, doing its thing) are definitely worth adding to the existing range of cam positions, with the detaching-cam certainly worth developing as a panoramic one!

Wish you safe flights, friend, and a pleasant weekend!

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For future reference btw, if you guys want to have your own connection chat, you can create a Private Thread with each other. Try not to go off topic on public threads if possible.


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yes, what happened is great, with the camera, it seems cinematic, it would be great if they added it, it’s good to record it hahaha

OK sorry

Why is it when I click on an airplane, and then start to comense handling it automatically un-selects or cancells my actions out completely?

Or it randomly selects a place on the runway instead of the plane I was dealing with as it causes my departures to turn red as I run out of time.

A bit of background I am using a Poco X3 phone not a lap top and these are two of the most annoying glitches I have discovered so far since I started playing the game last month in October 2022.

It’s the first time I hear (resp. read) of such a bug. You probably should contact the devs via email or message this in their facebook profile.

the control tower was confused, there was a crash of planes on the ground :joy:

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