Unanswered questions

If you guys have any unanswered questions or questions leave some in here and I’ll reply as soon as i can

Unanswered questions as to what exactly?

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Like any questions that hand’t be answered

What will be the source of your answers? Words straight from the devs? Rumour? Guessing? Or worse, opinion?

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those could work

Will your answers be based on fact? If so, what will be your source(s)?

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Well, the whole forum is about unanswered questions. That’s the whole point here.


Is this information real? They published it in various WOA Facebook groups. Was it taken from the Discord? Could you publish it in full if you have it or if this information that came out yesterday is real?

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It’s fake.


Uhh. Ok so a dev chat happened last month in discord. A discord user named geo summarized the info into a rough timeline. It is informed guesswork and should not be taken as fact or official information. Tons of new leaks - dev chat

And per request from geo I will not post the full timeline

yes it can be any questions you want answers to

Trust me, I confirmed directly with Kuba this morning. That is not a timeline from WOA.
This matter is closed

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