Unfinished Graphics at LHR

Les graphismes de London Heathrow ne semblent pas finis

Ugh say in English as no one will understand you

He says, the graphics at Heathrow don’t seem finished

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Are you meaning the difference between the concrete and asphalt sections? Yes the tarmac painting could have some more color and variation, but it’s as close to real life as they could manage.

From the Welcome to the WOA Forum post:

I wish but it turned out that Google translate isn’t reliable it only translates word to word instead of sentences

My experience is different.

I get it but I done this many times to do my homework as everyone else dose and I will tell you now when my teacher finds out that students use Google translate to do their homework it literally just translates word to word instead of sentence to sentence. And everyone who used it including me where F**ked. But whatever off topic right now so let’s get back on the rail’s!

Yeah true but if we understand English well and the game we can pick up what people are trying to say for the most part. Not sure they’ll be able to understand the responses so I’ll post it in French for them to translate it into English below:
“Cher client @Lejmu , conformément aux règles du groupe, veuillez traduire vos messages en anglais et tout ce que vous souhaitez relire en français de votre côté. Je sais que c’est fastidieux, mais cela nous permettra de nous entraider en tant que communauté mondiale.” :slight_smile:

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