Update 1.5.2 released

Released with bug fixes
Dynamic snow
Decing minigame and in general
Paused timers for mini games

Zoom out in Leipzig was much bigger before update…

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Excellent! On what routes is the AN22 flying?

Check WOAPedia in game , should Help

@carlsberg72 theres some sort of problem all my planes are a whole day away or hours away from landing at every airport

Thank you for the information!
An22 looks awesome.
Arrival queue in LEJ is in total disorder, my planes are delayed several hours, the should return now, in between generic planes arrive, chaos in LEJ…

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@UniqueGolem3982 same here can’t do anything and the planes that do land are completely random

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I try to assemble them all at LEJ… Every landing is a surprise:)

That’s the point, the arrival queue has been randomized so all your planes do not all arrive together any more. I wouldn’t worry too much about the timings if you have been out of the game for a while. It’s designed to make it more like an accurate arrivals board rather than everything arriving at the same time. You will get your arrivals.

So then do we just disregard radar?

Is it just me or do the AN-22 player liveries look really low resolution in the hangar? Don’t know what they are actually like as I haven’t unlocked it.

I don’t like the randomized arrival queue. Why do that. I thought it was perfectly fine before.


Same here, can’t really call it a queue if it’s not in order.


Stupid random arrivals you own plane mixed with generic… I want to get my plane it that order, in which I Send them. My own L plane first, than my own M plane and own S plane. In this order, while my L plane servicing, land my M plane, and so they end they servicing in one time. I don’t want to spend more time in airport, just thanks to this random. I like to play in my own timing.
Instead of making game “fun”, give more pain in ass.


The main idea of timings, it’s to land first plane with longest servicing time, and to land last plane with shortest servicing time. And you try send you plane in this order, but to thanks to this random you can kiss them and say bye bye. If don’t care about such timing it’s ok. But for me it’s annoying.
accurate arrivals board it’s when something come it time, that write in BOARD, but if you wait you bus/plane/train in 20.00, but instead you get another one from like 20.13 or 19.45, and your bus/plane/train instead of order 20.00 come in 20.15. you will not be so happy.

I get it, but let’s face it, it’s more real world. You don’t get all JETBLUE flights into Boston at once and then Delta, American, United etc. they come in sequence of arrival to the airport, not sequence of airline

I suspect if they ever put in preferred arrivals it will help realign the logic a bit.

And why I can’t turn off this DE-Icing minigame? I my option i turn off all minigame. Why I should press X to not play this minigame on every my plane?

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Damn, I too piss off with DE-Icing…
Need to cool down… I even delete game…
So much wasting time…

Well, you can have different opinions about the new queueing system, I won’t judge and will adopt. With a little patience and a little havoc my birds are all back safe and my inner Monk is calm now:)
annoying for me is that the app crashed about every 10 minutes which did not happen to me before the last update.

Does it affect connection arrivals or is that ok.