Update 1.5.2 released

Nah, my inner monk now more like Hulk, after i trying manage plane in PRG…
For me it’s a very big pain in ass. Cause I need to manage a lot of plane in all airports, and now with this broken timings, I feel burning in one place, cause I need a lot more time, than before.

It also appears that I one can level up past level 30 now… I’ve been on IAD for weeks now (it’s my local airport and I love playing it) and just noticed that I have an active Level 31… That’s a pretty cool addition to the update.

Ufff. Trying out NGO now. My whole fleet was out (about 80 planes). I bought a An22 but it seems I have to land all my planes first as well the random Generic planes in between before my new An22 is allowed to land.

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Can you confirm that it currently has been snowed under and that de icing is neccessary? My IAD says so:

Yep, Be preparing. because this piss me off…

Did anyone find out how to get rid off the deicing “game”?

there is no snow cover here, but the weather has been wildly fluctuating. Mid 60’s F (mid teens C) yesterday; mid 30’s F (2-4 C) with winds 25 today.

I will confirm that 99% of the time it snows or rains here, it is accurately reflected on my WOA gameplay.

The thaw just started and the snowflakes in the servicepanels disappeared :yum:

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It just disappeared suddenly during gameplay on my LEJ and IAD.

And showed up again! :woozy_face:

Every time I’ve seen it changes it says an error has occurred and kicks me off the airport. Very annoying.

I don’t get errors, just the annoyance.

Only solution is turn off all generics

decing is not predicated on the presence of snow, it is predicated on the temperature. If the temp goes below 0c (32f) deicing will be required, once above again it will not.

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Some Aircrafts at LEJ not Pushing back after send offs especially M

May I suggest for following releases that some documentation on new or modified gameplay or features is provided?

I hereby volunteer for writing if capacity is an issue.


Hi, I hope this is a reasoned response (and sorry, know I’m shooting the messenger here!).
We talk about real world, in the real world we don’t have to fit airport management in around our own working and social lives.
I’ve been on 2-3 hours tonight and I’ll be honest, the new arrivals system might just make this unworkable for me.
Jump on the game and handle connection flights and send your own on their way.
Bari, SAN and Muscat where there are cargo and / or large restrictions, it becomes a slow and time consuming process when you are getting random arrivals in amongst that need handling before you’ve got your own flights sorted.
For the first time I think this is a change I’m not comfortable with.


The closest thing to release notes we get is on the Launched section of the website. A more concise summary would be welcome.

I like the new random landing pattern. As someone who lands 200-300 planes a day, I like this.

Can’t hardly wait for the new contracts system to make landings even more realistic.

Way to go!

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Hands down (not sure where that saying came from), BEST FEATURE is the random landings. What an AMAZING feature. I love my own fleet, but this is a game changer… no more landing 40 of the same planes… now you have to pay attention to the game playing.