Vote for Bombay or Delhi

Vote for Bombay or Delhi for the next playable airport
These Two Are Indis’s best airports
and among some of the busiest airports in the world

just sign up with your email and vote it to see Indian Airports In WoA

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DEL, seria un buen aeropuerto para jugar

English please

I’m sorry, me English is very bad. Airport New delhi is my favorite

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I translated and saw that this is Spanish.

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Yeah I understood


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Why these two airports?

Because these are in India These are very large and busiest airports in the world
All would like to have these airports playable
You can just vote for delhi as it is the one of the busiest

I didnt see the point but I vote for South Korea, Phillipines and Delhi
I have whole topic explained why.
Check my explanations here:

Not only it is busy, but also there are a lot of Indian S/M-tier planes that can’t even go to NGO. So this is one point.

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well, that’s an assumption others might not share :smile:


Other question: Is any of them able to welcome AN-225 on it?
And if yes how you will send it from IAD if you have it?
The answer on the second question is: you cant :wink:

Is Sydney capable of handling AN-225? They are planning to make a flight to Perth on May.

I don’t get this thing with the Antonov & range! It’ll be just the same as the B748F, if a X slot & gate are open for it then it’ll fly in surely. You can have the saab flying IAD - SAN if you want, I don’t think the devs worry to much on that level of realism. Otherwise why can you buy the comet & the other aircraft that went out of production years ago.

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Yes it is

Yeah make all planes flight everywhere…good point but sucks.
Offcourse they should keep the game at least with planes more realistic.
Anyway…choose your own favorite playable airport and vote it.
The devs say it can be some of the airports without top vote,so we’ll live we’ll see.

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