Weird airplane parking position

As shown in the picture, when the game starts, the plane will place in a very funny way. I don’t know if this is a bug. If it is, I’ll move this to the error report column.

yes apparently it is a mistake, always when a plane lands L it taxies normally parked, however the next flights that are waiting to land, simply do not land, are stuck on arrival, then you have to leave the game to be able to receive them and when The L planes enter again in this strange position.

I second this. It is happening at my BRI as well. This is a bad bug as it affects player connections.

I have found thar this happens after an L plane lands at BRI…

There is also the weird parking issue. This needs to be addressed as it is ruining playability.

This isn’t the only problem

Same issue here in BRI. Restart app helped

Restarting the app 10 times isn’t very helpful. Especially with player connections that were cleared to land.

It happens somewhat rarely so maybe once every 5-hours of playing…, at least that’s how I’ve experienced.

I have to cottrct my answer. It happens every 3rd or 5th plane landing, after few planes land everything stops - unlayable.

It seem to be most common in Bari so maybe something to do with the pathfinding?

I think they’ve released a fix now. If the fix is 1.3.1