What airports should be added that the devs would consider

what airports should be added that the devs would consider
reasonable airports

It’s been discussed a lot on the forum.
SYD should be the next airport. (I believe confirmed)
And highly probable airports (but not confirmed as far as I know) are CPT and SCL so that we have 1 airport at least on each continent. (Apart from Antartica)
There have been plans for DEL to be added, but due to licensing issues or so (I don’t remember exactly what) it is delayed indefinitely.

Read the dev chat summary from a while ago

In my opinion Rome Fiumicino- Leonardo da Vinci (FCO) wuold be great to add

There’s a whole section of places by continent people have suggested so you can look through those.
SYD is absolutely coming next, after that devs have dropped hints but nothing concrete yet

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We don’t know the order but it’s pretty much confirmed abt scl and cpt.
Hnl has been thrown around by devs as a far future airport.
Del is on hold and has been for more than 6 months.
An airport in between Europe and Australia is after SYD. Kai tak is far future.
IAD remodel
5 airport are currently indev.
That’s the gist of what we know