What could the next playable airport be? What is the next airplane model being added?

Hi, woa community. This is my first topic started.
Anyways, I had been playing WoA for 1.5 years, and watched many new airports and planes added, I wonder if anyone have ideas for very-likely new playable airports or planes.
I personally think the B747 will get a advanced model.

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Hi Chris, welcome.
From what I have seen on various forums (inc the WoA Facebook page), there are heavy hints that Dubai and / or Hong Kong could be on the radar.
Beyond this, I suspect there will be a push to look at continents or regions that currently do not have an airport (think Australasia, Africa and South America).
If I had my pick?
Manchester (goes against the unchartered territory theory) or Brisbane or Melbourne (would Sydney be too complex?)

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Maybe Brisbane if Australia… Melbourne has two runways, but they are intersecting. Brisbane now has two parallel runways, and may potentially build a new terminal too.


SYD could be the first and maybe only Aus playable airport

It most likely out of Brisbane, melborne and SYD to be the airport for Aus

I’d more than take that - just wasn’t sure if it would be deemed too challenging to develop. Not the easiest layout and would be a huge build I imagine.
That said, would probably be the most diverse airport in the game?

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I donno, maybe maybe not, depends if SYD comes or not

I was also thinking when the Aus playable airport comes out there could be a Qantas Q400 and b738.
Jetstar A320 and virgin Australia b738

There are countless regional airlines as well as the obvious long haul and short haul Oceania airlines, there would definitely be scope for a lot of new and varied content

I still think Johannesburg (JNB) is a good option. 2 parallel runways, decent amount of gates (both with boarding bridges & remote stands), and a super variety of exotic African traffic.


Nairobi (NBO) would be better :kenya: :grin:

It would be nice for Africa and South America to get some representation, perhaps Russia would be a good option too.

Definitely take an Australia/New Zealand too.

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I’d love to see something in Latin America. Bogota (BOG), Brasilia (BSB), Santiago (SCL) and Cancun (CUN), for example, all have parallel runways without crossing taxiways.

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I still want, no matter how funny it is, Prague 2035. :yum:

Prague 2035 won’t be coming to WoA anymore because it was moved to a separate project, AirportPRG. Atleast that’s what the devs said.

I want WoA add the old airport such as Kai Tak, Tempelhof and etc. as the next playable airport to could add new model of airplane and next airplane that is classical for example 747sp, a300b4, DC10/MD11 and etc.

I think the a300b4 will come regardless of old airport, same for dc/MD except most likely only in cargo versions for generic planes

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Excuse my bias, how about Calgary International (YYC)? By area it is the largest airport in Canada. It has the longest runway in country. Before the pandemic, it cycled through 35,000 passengers daily. It is a major hub for cargo going in and out. AN-225’s are frequently hosted here. WestJet Airlines, which is the second largest Canadian airline, calls Calgary home. YYC is used by multiple international airlines. The weather cycles between rain, snow, and strong westerly Chinook winds.

It’s a good challenging airport. I believe it need strong consideration.

I’d love to see Amsterdam Schiphol. My favorite airport.

You said “longest runway”, I heard “longest taxi time”.

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