What happened to the 3D flight tracker?

As the title suggests. Those of us that have followed the game for a while probably remember the series of teasers and promotional photos for a 3D flight tracking view. Is this still planned? Or has it been quietly shelved?

Just from what I can tell, it seems this feature would require functional landing gear, so perhaps a feature done after all models have been reworked?

These are just some of the images that were posted.


That is a great question lol

The goal rn is landing gears. They have also hinted at this year being very busy for new airports, so I don’t have high hopes for this year being it.


How long ago were these posted?? I dont remember seeing em!

They are around 2021


Interesting. Tbh it looks so cool. Lets hope it isnt shelved. If someone is in contact with the devs maybe they can ask if it is been shelved or not.

Yeah, they even had a concept photo too way back when, I just didn’t have the patience to dig that far :joy: