What is bulk play?

I just checked the player to player wiki and it talks about
'bulk play" what is “bulk play”?

I believe it means you use the “Accelerator” / “Speed Up” Button to land as many planes as possible in one go. Handle all together then taxi-off all at once as well

It’s just a strategical way to play for maximum efficiency, especially at INN Airport.


In another post it was explained like this:

oh, ok then…

I gotta try that. Sounds like I’ll get a lot more planes handled during a session

Yup, it’s extremely effective if you do spend some time with it you can get about 200 in about 2 and a half hours on the visit from Haug.Land achievement.

It looks at the moment that this feature is built in. Because of the pathing and/or pushback errors I have to quit and restart regularly.

And it’s probably going to stay that way because this happens almost every update that does something with the AI.