What's next after SYD?

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Can someone clarify what is the next airport after SYD because they are claiming that there is 3 new airports this year.

SECL Santiago de Chile

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Since the time line has changed and SYD won’t come out until the end of the year, I doubt that we will get another airport after SYD this year.

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Or technically iad

Is there proof that Santiago or even IAD will come out?

Idk about slc but iad for sure check one of the q&a streams. Now I think about it they said the next airport will be in between europe and australia so maybe an african airport?

Where currently have an airport in South East Asia confined but is suspended currently hopefully an airport in South Asia, Africa, Northern Europe, an Asian island and South America as these are the only places that are missing an airport.
But just to be safe I’ll check a Q and A video to confirm the next airport.

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It will DEL coming or still with issue ?

DEL is canceled for now as far as I know

I saw Cape Town CTP mentioned in
Tons of new leaks - dev chat
But in other Q&As any South African airport seemed to be on the table. But @Komodo92 is probably right that SECL will be first. Though probably neither this year. Maybe the IAD rework, but only time will tell.

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Firstly, I still can’t understand why people still think SYD won’t arrive before December. SYD is already being tested and will certainly take some time, but definitely not 6 months.

And yes, it’s true, they said after IAD comes something between Europe and Asia. The area around Dubai is out of the question, as well as DEL, I’m not thinking about China either. I’m thinking more of the area around Singapore.

But I really doubt that a third one will come this year, but I’m happy to be surprised.


Santiago de Chile is in between Europe and Asia😅


Because it has been announced on the Facebook group by a Moderator who got that news from the Devs.
Why those news are not being announced on this designated forum is beyond me.
So you have to collect the information from YouTube streams, Discord, Facebook and Instagram and then puzzle it together.
I just roll with it, because what else can you do :man_shrugging:t2:

Technically no, it’s in South America and it’s connected to the Pacific Ocean, it’s in the Southern Hemisphere so I doubt that South America is between Europe and Asia, so your most likely thinking of Countrys in Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Etc)

SYD isn’t even out and people are already demanding to know what’s next, chill out people, have some patience. :rofl:

You’ll find out when it’s announced, the only people who will know what’s planned after SYD is the devs.


I can’t believe I have to do this especially on holiday :rofl:


And that has also been discussed here enough. In my eyes this is clearly false information, the people in your group think this guy is “Tom Mordon” but call him a completely wrong name all the time (something like Tomas Murdok).
I think you’ve all been steered in a shallow direction and are spamming the forum with it.

Official news will only be published here or on Discord, or from the official WOA account on FB or IG.

As the moderators here have said, a release in late summer is more likely than in winter. I trust them more than „Tomas Murdok“.

I hope this finally puts an end to the “December issue”.

What’s next after that? Telegram informations? :sweat_smile:


What can I expect: I’m in Turkey :tr:
Some TV shows are funny Russian people who don’t know on how they are doing especially since there is a section on best russian fails.
Back to the topic eh :rofl:


I am not on Facebook.
It’s just what I have read on this forum.

I am happy to hear we won’t have to wait 'til the end of the year for SYD

The belief that SYD won’t be out until December is completely false.

That information has not been published or confirmed by the devs, nor does it make sense given the progress photos we’ve seen. It’ll still probably take a while but certainly not 5 whole months