Which Airport to buy?

I’m fairly new to the game, my first post here. I have almost completed INN and i have 14 golden planes now (bought 10 with silver ones). But i dont know which airport to unlock next. I dont mind if the progression is not that super fast, but just want to enjoy the game. I was initially thinking MCT, will that be a good choice?

Go with IAD OR SAN

SAN felt slow to me… IAD is great and getting a new model update soon. LHR is next level…


Hello everybody,

I’m also quite new to the game, just few weeks of playing. I already unlocked Bari and then Prague, after Innsbruck, just with game advance, reaching certain level in the previous one.
Even if these three airports have only one runway available for incoming and outcoming planes, airport model is different in some way and also planes handling a bit.

I am collecting golden planes (buying them with silver ones) for unlocking premium pass and get extra stuff.

Silver planes are coming in good quantity and also wollars; unfortunately latter ones are not counted all together but linked to each airport.

I think I’ll continue in this way unlocking airports just passing levels in the game (if this is possible), but everyone choose its personal way of having fun with the game itself. I’m also lokking forward to increase my collection in Woapedia :smiley:

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Thats great! Try player contracts as they will help you level up faster.