Which new or remodeled A350 are you excited for?

I’m curious to know which A350 specifically you all are excited for whether it’s a remodeled one or it’s one that is just being added to the game. For me it’s probably Delta’s a350 because I’ve used that plane for every airport and obviously it’s the last wide body passenger plane to get remodeled. That one and ITA airways I’m excited for with the remodel. I’m also excited for the French Bee and Qatar airways a350 finally being added to the game as well. To me some of the best looking liveries of the aircraft type.

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Definitely the Fiji and Delta A350s.

On a side note though, I don’t get why this update is getting so much hype. I haven’t seen so many posts and people asking when it’s coming out since 2.0, even the 787 didn’t get this much attention. It’s just the A350 and bug fixes, right?


2.2.3 should tell you all you need to know about this update.
350 remodel
LHR optimization
Bug fixes

I have the current list but sorry can’t post it.


Its partially due to the long period that players are waiting since the first development updates of the a350 were posted. Delays after delays cause players to bring their attention and anticipate it more and more

Maybe a one or two off strategy could be to announce the anticipated thing (in this case the A350) has been pushed to a MUCH later date, like fall or something. Then randomly surprise everyone with it in an upcoming update well before then. Yes, they’d lose trust a little, hence why it’s only a one or two time thing for big stuff people are antsy about, but people would quit asking “are we there yet, are we there yet, are we there yet!?!?” …at least that’s the idea.

But, it’s only been delayed once…
Projected for late Jan, now late Feb to March.

787 had multiple delays and it still didn’t get as much hype, that’s what I don’t get.

Right, but common sense would dictate that players should expect a long wait with an airplane that has two variants and a ton of liveries.


I’m with bluebird here, the A350 has gotten a lot more hype then it probably needs, and it’s been efficient, like 3 months ish for a development as big as this with only one delay is crazy, that rarely happens


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2.2.3 is out!

not in google play

Also not in app store(Mauritius)

now its out in google play