Which plane to chose

I’m playing since short and have a question about the planes to chose. I have already chosen CRJ 700 for S- and A319 and A320 for M-planes.
Now I am in IAD and got saved money to buy a L-plane and later X-planes.
Can you help me to decide which I have to buy and which not?
Thank you in advance.

I recommend purchasing Boeing 787-10/9 Dreamliner for few reasons

  1. Cheapest L size unlockable (20 GP’s)
  2. Cheapest L size aircraft (W money)
  3. High capacity
  4. One of the longer ranges in the game.
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Cool, thank you. It will be a B787 then.

The most cheapest plane is the 787 and the most expensive plane is the 777. Start off with the 787 and next buy the 747. After that you will have a good income start to buy the others and remember, keep some money for the maintenance of planes and you can see their maintenance costs and selling value after each maintenance.


Thank you. I’ll keep the maintenance in mind. There will still alot of time pass until I’m able to buy a B747.

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You are welcomed mate.

It might be worth waiting for the new A330. The cost may be similar to the B787 & I’m certain it’ll be a far better looking model.


I guess I need a bigger casket for the money I earned until then. But you’re right, waiting could be worth it.

Maybe this chart might be helpful: Update is out now - #24 by UniqueGolem3982

Hi guys, I was wondering to buy B737-400F or B737-400 civil, which one should I buy?

The cargo version and send it on short routes.

Thank you