Why aren't the finished A320 liveries included in New Content?

Why don’t the finished A320 liveries appear in new content?

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The new liveries are on the Remodelled A320 which is not yet released.

Unfortunately, it is not the case that a livery has been designed and is compatible with every model. So for each aircraft, also for each development stage of an aircraft, a separate livery has to be designed.

I think the only point where they can save work is if the painted body of the aircraft is identical to another (e.g. with and without winglets). But minimal deviations will require a new livery to be created.

So we have to be patient until the new models are finally available.


True and I don’t wanna be that guy but they did say that they would post them in a week and as of tomorrow it is going to have been two weeks


They usually post the liveries once they’ve finished ALL liveries. So it’s going to take a while I’m afraid. Shouldn’t be too far away tho


I think they may have been an error. Because let’s be real, the most likely situation is they’re still not even close to being done with every livery, so it doesn’t make sense to release them now.

Trust me, I share your disappointment as I wanted to see them too. But it looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer

I wonder if they even are adding every livery next update. They’ve left out a few liveries for the A350 and 787 (which they plan to add later) iirc and in comparison to these two planes adding liveries for the entire A320 family is a monumental task as well.

The a320 liveries thing makes sense but how about the dev blog. Not demanding anything but they also did say a week for that too

Unless their plans have changed. The initial release of the A320 will not have EVERY livery. They will come in batches

Oh so like the 787?

That’s right

There will be only a320 liveries this update, none for other models like the 787.
Normally they release in batches.
I agree it’s been a while, but also, the devblog we supposed to come this week. They never said anything about liveries.

Didnt you say this tho on the dev chat leaks thread?

Ohhh mb sorry! What I’m saying now is correct. I was typing that summary as the dev chat happened so there’s bound to be some mistakes


Guys it’s happening!


Hopefully more than just the 19N! :raised_hands:t4:


There will be more. But! Keep in mind they always release liveries in batches on big updates. I expect over the next few weeks they will add more liveries.

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The release of the first A19N liveries shows that 2.3 is coming soon. That not all variants of the a320 will be released at the same time, ok. But first, I can dream, and second, I’m thinking of more 19N liveries than Tibet and China Southern. I think there will be something else this weekend.

Any idea when the A319N will be released?

I don’t think it will take more than 2 weeks. Hopefully next week.

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Ofc! But also, there’s an absurd amount of liveries this update, assuming they follow the traditional update cycle, we are still a few weeks out. Also, if there are more a19N liveries irl than there will be ingame.