WIKI - Questions / Requests for clarification

Dubai is available as a destination, however the only playable airports are what Carlsberg has stated above

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Would someone please clarify what the numbers are under the plane card icon is? Sometimes its e5 and some other times it’s 1 or 46

Actually i just figured out that this is the designated stand number :sweat_smile:

How do I get the achievement of C130 and C17?

And what is the secret achievement of the game? (google play games)

Used to get them as a regular arrival then it got removed in light of the Ukraine war, they were gonna be re added once it ends but I doubt it will…

I mean, to get the achievement I have to buy them, yes or yes?

Yes until they are re added

Or find a connection partner tgatvuses them


oh it’s true but I don’t quite understand the multiplayer connection

Maybe you can find a thread that explains it or else search for a video on youtube

yes, thanks

That is the stand number, like parking number

thank you bro güvenlik kamerası nice

wow bro mermer silim nice thank you

helo how are you i am hear

Someone to guide you on your journey

B462s are not coming to BRI. I just got access to PRG within BRI. Any thoughts. TIA.

What is the difference between “blue ready for departure” and “yellow ready for departure” icons?