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Yellow means they need clearance, blue has already received it

No, with “ready for departure” I mean neither blue nor yellow have received a clearance

The blue ready for departure hows that the departure is late and ready to depart. Yellow is the turnaround was done either on time or early and is ready to depart.


@meteoricwretch16 Thanks for clarification!

I recommend an overview with a comparison of the previous functions in the old version and the counterpart in the new version.
In my opinion, this would make it easier to switch to version 2.0.

Can we restart posting in posts like screenshot sharing, for like Innsbruck or Bari ?

Hello everyone I’m new to the game please can someone explain why I’m getting only medium and small plane contracts at Prague Airport though I have large and one x stand? Thanks.

L and X planes require international contracts. S and M are local and regional contracts

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He guys am a new player and I have a few questions!
Firstly I did play woa way before but back then everything was different and the new update has got me confused to some extent. I do understand the contract system wherein u handle the same type of planes to get more silver planes which then u can convert to gold planes to unlock new liveries, planes etc etc.
Recently I managed to save 15 gold planes and bought the premium pass at INN to check how it works and it now seems that all the planes that I get from the premium pass have been pilled up and my contracts for the airport are full with computer based contracts!
Secondly how do I decide where to send my personal planes to get more returns?( talking about S and M category planes).
Any suggestions would help! :grin::grin:

Is it just me or are there no A321s in the game? Are they coming at some point? Seems like a bizzare aircraft to not have.

They are working on it as of now :slight_smile:

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