With what airport did you start and how far are you?

I personally started with IAD for its sheer size and two runways. It really becomes so fast later…a Cash Cow to be true. I have reached level 20XP so far and earned enough after the update to buy a couple of 787s and one A319. Also earned more than 4.5k silver planes since.
Got my whole fleet transferred and they are turning sooooo damn profitable now. Not to mention the planes I received from leveling up.
How far have yall been and hows it at the other airports??

I’m not playing super consistently, but I’m level 13 at INN and level 6 at SXM without spending a whole lot. In fact outside of exchanging 1 GP for 10K at SXM I’m just working that from the beginning.

Kind of enjoying it. The bigger stuff will come later when I have a bit more time


Thats great.

Haven’t spent a single SP or GP yet… and now at international at INN and SXM. Planning to work my way through LEJ, playing one or two airports at a time, with SXM likely a long term stay in my portfolio.

Hi guys. Do you know which airport is the biggest, please?
I really like having L/S parking and I’m currently playing LEJ airport and thinking of starting a different airport.

At the moment I only know IAD and MCT, but not sure which one is the most fun? Cheers.

Currently bouncing between IAD and SXM, after that I’ll probably bounce between SAN and MCT.

IAD is the biggest in the game, followed by MCT and LEJ.

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I just wanted to update that I have reached International level at IAD. But what to do with the 30k silver planes I have? I seriously dont want any more contracts…Have too many already.

You can swap them for gold planes at 10,000 SP to 10 GP. Which allows unlocks or use towards premium passes

Right thanks

It shows that Premium pass costs 60 GP at MCT and 110 GP at IAD…Does this mean we have to buy it seperately for each and every airport???


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