Woa 2?

When my game crashed, a WORLD OF AIRPORT 2 popped up as the opening screen for about a sec. Anyone else see this. I tried to take pic to prove it but it disappeared. Anyone know anything about this. The title was in yellow so it was obviously different

Late April fool? :smiley: It would be very special surprise :slight_smile:

Nope, not playing here. I saw it with my own two eyes. I’m a 50 yr old who doesn’t have time to play a trick. I enjoy this game for a little release for the cares of life. Again no joke here

I believe you, I have meant that the devs wanted to fool/surprise us on 1st April. I think that something big is really comming becasue there is quite long silence from devs for few weeks.

I have a feeling you are right. They have moved contracts and airline manager to the next update, but I do feel there is more out there. Just haven’t quite figured out what yet

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It has been almost four months since Leipzig airport was added. I was used to quite frequent updates. New content has been added continously. Now it looks like there is bigger gap. Maybe it is just my feeling. But I feel it comming. I just don´t know what :smiley:

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I think it’s more the war tbh, but there’s the gut feeling they are going to do something is there, we are 2 month away from New airport season

I remember when they added planes like hot cakes. The A220 was so close to being added, but when they released the first updated model, it takes a long time now as I’m sure everyone including the devs want the best quality game. I’m not complaining, but oh my I remember getting hundreds of airline liveries every 2 weeks

I mean hey, the a220 has barely any operators, only have delta (which I guess boeing is freaking out about), air Baltic, and Swiss (which I guess is the cs series but same diff, that we all know the Swiss ad between that and the avro)

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When they update an aircraft, they have to be done from scratch, so all the generic liveries and base templates have to be redone. Plus as they are more detailed it does take a lot longer to do them. Especially on something like the 777 for which there are a huge number to do, the 350 will be worse.
Games are always like this, throw out a lot of content to hook players initially and then slow down as you get to a critical mass overall.
More will come, that I am certain of, but it’s a delicate balance between adding new aircraft, updating existing aircraft and gameplay mechanics.
It isn’t a big team, so they can only do so much.

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Sounds good

On April 23 this game celebrates it’s 2 1/2 year anniversary. Great opportunity for a new release.

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I think there is not going to. be any such game as WoA 2.

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I don’t think either unless they remaster it

Never say never

I didnt say never. There may be an upcoming new game in the future but not in the near future…

Is anybody “rushing” to complete maintenance C’ s for as many planes as possible with this new Airline Manager around the corner? If I read the explanation correctly it will take much longer to sell for SP’s.

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i guess everyone is rushing for the silver planes rn :joy:

You will get SP automatically after maintenance D is done without selling the plane. No need to rush with selling planes now.

And how long is it going to take to get to D maintenance? Check the cycle.