WoA keep shutting down unexpectedly

WoA crashes in the middle of playing several times per day. Please fix.

This is normal after long sessions

It not just with long sessions…

Hi all
First time poster on here and have been playing since mid last year , so far I’ve been enjoying it until recently.

I’ve been having the same problems as well , where the app suddenly crashes which I noticed last week with the previous update.
Sometimes it wouldn’t even open and crash on the loading screen.

When it does open ill play for maybe 5mins until it suddenly crashes.

I’ve noticed on my tab that graphics has changed, this also affects the performance and crashes e.g if the graphic changes to 'pretty - app crashes so now its on balanced.

I was hoping that yesterday’s update would resolve this but no joy since I had the reload the game like seven … yep … seven times just to continue playing SAN.

Its frustrating and I hope the game devs and come up with a resolution.

BTW… although this is my 1st post and it sounds like I’m moaning but I’d also like to thanks everyone on here for advice and tips on how to play , its been most helpful.

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