2.3.3 Release notes

2.3.3 Release notes

New Features

  • Approach tower controller landing priority: Favorite airplanes (marked with the heart icon) land first, followed by connection partners’ airplanes, my fleet airplanes, and real airlines’ airplanes. Airplane tier order from XL to S.
  • New static bus models (props) at various airports

Bug fixes

  • Airplane pathfinding fixes: “dancing” or stuck airplanes, gate area updates at various airports
  • Graphical bug fixes at various airports: dummy traffic fix at LEJ, front bus position update for L airplanes at BRI due to the close proximity of L stands to the road, transparent jet bridge frames fix, jet bridge position fix for stand 325 at LHR, static buses (props) in the road at BRI position fix, glitches on airplane tails while landing at IAD, fence around SXM tower fix, airplane headlights fix while turning at the end of the runway at SXM, white roads fix at PRG, and billboard fix at the PRG cargo terminal
  • Airplane graphic bug fixes: Etihad A321 and Azul A21NX fuselage signs fix, white line on the nose of custom liveries on the A346 fix, A21N landing gear fix, A359/A35K engine textures fix, ATR doors fix
  • A318 flaps opened in WoApedia bug fix
  • Parking (marshalling) minigame has been deactivated for stands A3 and A4 at SXM airport due to technical reasons. It was unable to complete the minigame due to the size and position of the stands.

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Ok Ok & i Imagine this is Temporary Until Fix this Issues with the Parking Mini Game in All the Airports Right… ?! :wink:

No, those stands were physically immpossible to get 100% on anything larger than a a330

Oh THOSE stands? I remember now, never completed an A340s there so I just didn’t park those and anything else

those stands can handle 77w 100%, but the rate is so difficult, like 1 out of 10

Hyped about the tower landing. I didn’t use to buy it for that reason, and this will be great

I have two questions. One, was it intentional to make jetBlue’s A320 and American’s A319 swap between having sharklets and wingtip fences seemingly randomly? Because i think thats a really cool feature. And two, is there any news on when players will be able to purchase A320 family aircraft with IAE engines, and/or sharklets?

Any airline that owns both irl has this feature, and yes it’s intentional

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As for the second question. That may happen, but no timescale has been provided

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Since the new Updates the automatic APPROACH works different.

Before the Update you can order the planes to a gate, but now the planes land in a different order.
But i can’t figure out in which priority the land.

Normally i do the X planes, then L and then M. But now they land random and now in my order to the gates.

Does anyone know?

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Read the 2.3.3 release notes to understand the new mechanics~

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I’ve been thinking about the latest updates for a few days now.

The new feature with the automatic sorting of the planes to land almost got a “shit storm”, but I have to say: wrongly.

Yes, it’s something new - yes, it’s something to think about.

The new system means that you can’t just leave your smartphone lying around, you have to stay active.

The fact that player contracts are the first to land is something that everyone will probably adapt to, and that’s what everyone wanted.

With the IRL contracts, everyone can now do what they want. Personally, I now assign all S and M aircraft to a gate so that they land. Then I gradually assign larger ones (L and X) to a goal and they ‘cheat’ their way to the front of the line.

This allows me to create a more realistic landing sequence for my gaming experience.

Personally, I like the new system and have absolutely no problem with it.

What no longer makes sense is the Tower Manager Dilvery button. When this is enabled, the sequence is as described above. I wouldn’t see any point in activating this at larger airports (LHR, IAD, MCT).

However, I can understand why some people would like to have an on/off button. I wouldn’t mind a “random button” either.


True. I myself never use the handling manager as I want planes at the correct stands per IRL, and it has the added benefit now of circumventing the new order on the arrival manager.

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I am satisfied because from the beginning I put my heart as a favorite to the S and M so when I activate the tower with the delivery and the landing they are the first to land and then they land the players’ planes and then the others so I am satisfied with the new landing method.

If you activate the approach manager, they will land planes in this priority:

1. Favourite Planes: X > L > M > S
2. Player Contracts X > L > M > S
3. Your Planes X > L > M > S
4. Non-player contracts X > L > M > S

Note that within favourite planes category, it will follow the same rules with Player contracts first, then your planes, then non-player planes.

It will no longer land the planes in the order that you assign them.

If you want ALL X/L planes to land before all the smaller planes, you need to favourite at least your own planes and the non-player contracts to move them ahead of all the M/S planes, or you need to wait before assigning any stands to the smaller planes.

Likewise, if you’d rather have all the smaller planes landed first, you’d have to favorite them all - including player contract M/S planes to force them to land before player contract X/L planes.


Can you add new playable airport in the Philippines like Manila or Cebu International Airports please

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