A few questios

  1. I cannot buy a stand for cargos. I can only get to see the stands for the 4 sizes of passanger planes and purchase. The button next to it is not active. I had a C30J on Q and I could not land it. I am not sure what to do about this.
  2. I am at PRG and have 13 stands, but I can operate no more than 8- 9 planes at the same time. Even if I speed up the time. Can this change somehow?
  3. I get a message with the new version on every start of the game. I cannot install it due to phone limitations, but when I do, will I lose everything and have to start over?
  4. I have unlocked Washingtin Airport but I am still at level 15 of PRG. Do I have to switch now and will I lose my savings?
  5. Is the sole purpose of gold planes to exchange for money and buy planes?
  6. If I am on PRG now and go back to INN or other airport does this ruin the result and take money savings? I mean can I go back and forth to airports with no results changing?
  7. Do you stick to reality most or can I expext in other level B747 of KLM and Virgin for example?
  8. I clicked to connect on a few links but I only see: no strikes. Do I have to do something to land to other airports?
    I know its many Qs but I would appreciate your input. I love this game. Its so addictive.

I believe Q2 might have something to do with not unlocking enough arrival slots.
Q3.The only thing that will reset for a major update is the airport you will not lose planes nor golden ones. achievements will also stay with the destinations (I believe this does not happen on airport adding updates)
For Q4 you will not lose any progress and you don’t need to switch immediately you can progress as you like.
Q5.Yes from my experience that is the only use as of now.
Q6. No, going back and forth will not change anything. (progress will not change nor will the money)

Sadly being extremely new to the more modern version of WoA this is all I can answer hope it helps.


Hey Vesi!

A1: Make sure you have unlocked necessary Terminals (at some airports) to unlock Cargo Stands. Ex: in PRG you need T3 (near Runway 25) to unlock the Cargo Stands.

A2: Try unlocking more Destinations Arrivals for that sized plane. Make sure to also get as many handling as well. If you want even more, try getting a Player Connection as well

A3: You will not lose any gameplay as long as you have linked your game with Google Play Services or Apple Account.

A4: You will not lose any savings for switching airports. You can switch between any airport and your progress will always be saved.

A5. Yes, Golden Planes (GP) can be used to exchange for in Airport Money or to unlock Planes. You can also use it to unlock liveries for your fleet plane and import a custom color to use in your livery.

A6: same answer to A4

A7: If you meant “another liveries for B747 of KLM and Virgin” then you can suggest new liveries as a new suggestion post with real-life images. However, make sure to check older suggestions and the WoA Project Board if the suggestion already exists

A8: I’m assuming you meant the Player Connection Airports like INN, BRI, PRG, IAD, NGO, SAN (aka the ones players can play). You would need to establish a Player Connection with someone in order to get “Airport Strikes” and “Player Strikes” for that Airport and respective Achievement. I suggest look in / asking in #connections-requests . For a more in-depth guide, check this Wiki

Note: If you are updating the game to a major update like “Multistand Update - v1.30”, only airport levels are reset. The only way to reset progress for an airport is by hitting the respective small red icon in the Airport Selection Menu. For more about this, check this post and the replies in it:

There would be Wiki about this and other things soon…

If you have more questions or need more explanation, let me know!

Keep the blue side up!

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Thanks very much.

Thanks for the explenatory responce.

In regards to the models and airlines I can have to land, does that depend on my choice? For example does the game have Q uantas b747 or 747 KLM?

Thanks very much.

I’m not sure about models of airlines, but yes the different airlines you can land do depend on what you want.

No problem!

And If you want a specific airline & airplane to land in your Airport, you would need to unlock it from destination arrivals.

AI planes spawn at random depending on how many empty stands you have and what arrivals you have unlocked. Best chance would be just use the “speed up” button and keep filling up the Airport and wait for a Quantas / KLM B747 to come…

I know this isn’t the time or place but ‘Qantas’ doesn’t have a ‘U’. It is an acronym. If you did know, just letting you know what you wrote. :wink:

Just a typo, sorry-

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No need to apologise… We all make mistakes sometimes. :wink:

In the hangar you will find all liveries for every aircraft.:wink:

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I am not sure how I save them, after selecting them.

You don’t need to save anything. If you want to save stuff from the hangar you can’t. you need to find a destination that has a KLM/Qantas route and then unlock it with destination keys. Then that route will be saved and that plane will come at a time for you to handle.

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