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Hi I’m new to this game.

I just achieved the BAE146 unlock achievement at BRI but the BAE still requires 3 golden planes to unlock in the shop?

You get a free bae but dont unlock the actual plane.

i cant receive a free bae either…

Nope, that’s the unlock acheivment, this is wrong, @Riceless I would reccomend messaging the devs on Facebook

thanks i’ll do that…

Sorry, but also thanks for correcting me.

@horsepowergeek thanks for the advice, the devs said it’s a bug and solved it. Have a nice day!

I am having issues with player aircraft timing out before even landing after accepting the landing request. A few times they pull up to the gate and then remain stuck there at 0 on the timer. Nothing works, just remains stuck indefinitely unless you force-quit.

I gues you have then a too long quee of Planes