Existing Destinations - Missing airlines/routes

This thread is for destinations from the existing WOA - INN, BRI,PRG, IAD,NGO,SAN,LEJ and SXM
Please provide the following
If missing airline on a route:
WOA airport :
Destination (city and airport code)
Type of aircraft used: use aircraft in the game please even if reality is slightly different (if airline uses 321, say 320 or 757 for example)

If missing destination
All of the above, plus runway length and if airport handles passenger and cargo


Do I have to write my flight number?

I have to ask
Does it have to be an actual flight? I assume not because well
This exists… (Boise never handles anything even close to this size)

But still, better to ask

If it exists so much the better, but you can suggest places that could have service and we can go from there

WOA airport: NGO
Destination: Taipei, TPE
Airline: China Airlines
Type of aircraft used: B738, B744, A333, B744F, B77F


Airport: LEJ
Destination: Dublin (DUB)
Aircraft: B738, B38M


WOA airport: NGO
Destination: Shanghai-Pudong, PVG
Airline: China Eastern Airlines
Type of aircraft used: B738, A320, A332, A333, A343, A346


WOA airport: NGO
Destination: Beijing-Capital, PEK
Airline: Air China
Type of aircraft used: B738, A320, A332


BOS - Jetblue
BGI - Caribbean Airlines
SBH - Winair, Air Antilles


WOA airport: IAD
Destination: Doha (DOH), Qatar
Airline: Qatar Airways
Type of aircraft used: A35K

WOA airport: MCT
Destination: Mumbai (BOM), India
Airline: Vistara
Type of aircraft used: A320 and B787

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WOA airport: SXM
Destination: St Barthélemy
Airline: winair
Type of aircraft used: DHC6


WOA airport : INN,BRI,PRG
Destination: CDG,ORY(paris)
Airline: Air france
Type of aircraft used: a319,a220,e170,e190


Yes I agree be good to get more aircraft for Air France instead of the BAe 146 and A320.

I just played NGO after a while and although I lost most of my existing contracts, I noticed GUM was removed from the game as a destination with United?Why remove it if it’s an existing route?

Guam still exists?
However yeah there is no more united

Edit: there is a united 757 reward at level 16, it’s most likely from Guam but possibly not, maybe that’s how you get it?
Screenshot_20230906_223513_World of Airports

Yea it’s cool as a reward but realistically they operate a 737-800 and personally I’d rather have my choice as to what I can unlock for my contract
I’m just wondering why they removed it (along with some other airlines for different airports)

Yes the reward is from Guam.

Also just curious where u spent so many silver planes lol😂

Contract space, a lot of it

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WoA Airport: LEJ
Destination: Billund
Airline: DHL
Aircraft Type: A300-600F/BF, B757-200F