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Today I started to close all my connections to INN airport and only operate it with my own aircraft. I then decided to keep Icelandair flying their 757 to Innsbruck as the largest possible aircraft.

My airport now looks like this:

I’m not complaining, I’ve always wanted to play Reykjavík. It just might be a bit confusing for the passengers to find the right flight, seeing that all share the same flight number.

I use the newest version of the app on the iPhone X OS 14.6.

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Who cares? Caring for passengers isn’t in the game.

And what is the bug at INN then?

I believe it is a bug that the same flight can be handled multiple times simultaneously.


If you deactivate all other flights, it only leaves you with the individual one that can arrive. From my knowledge there is 1 (maybe 2) FI 757s on the INN - KEF route, and both have unique flight numbers. You only have one activated, meaning the flight numbers will be the same.

It’s not a bug, when you change the game to suit your personal parameters. If the devs expected more than 1 aircraft on a route, there would be a second flight number (and before people jump over me, yes I do know there are still a couple out there that are not).

In this case, driving all your traffic to one route, the game is not defined as adaptable in this way, so you would indeed get the same flight number for all of them.

That surprised me a bit. Because, especially at the beginning, I encounter empty stands a lot. How come they don’t get filled with the same flight at the same time?

game is not about filling the stands, it’s about throughput. that’s why you get only so many sets of servicing items at an airport. the aim is to get aircraft in and out in a certain timeframe, so you never need all the stands filled up. A lot of people get disappointed at this, but that’s the game as the devs have designed it, whether we like it or not.
Only way to fill up the stands truly is have a large fleet of your own and leave them sitting on the stand until you need to send them or fall asleep and let the game flow (done that many times) but in general game play, stand filling is not the concept that the devs are going for i’m afraid.

You misunderstood what I meant. Sorry if I wasn’t clear.

Now I have one open route and that one route fills nine stands at the same time. In addition, that route keeps popping up as an available arrival.
If I have two open routes, each route will fill only one stand and seven stands will remain empty as no arrivals are available. If I have three routes open, each route will again fill one stand, leaving six stands empty as no arrivals are available. And so on.

That’s why I thought it was a bug. But if that is the intended gameplay - with a different approach for one open route vs. multiple open routes - then that’s fine, too.

I hope that made it clearer.

I remember when I deactivated all the incoming traffic at IAD in order to handle my own fleet only.

But I forgot to deactivate one flight (MH) and before I knew it I had 20 stands filled with Malaysian A350s.

I thought it was cool. Not sure if it’s intentional by the devs, though.

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i don’t know this for certain, but I believe there is a % full algorithm within the landing coding, let me explain.

What you noted is entirely correct, it does do that and is not a bug, what you will also find, is the more stands that are filled, the slower the timer runs until the next airplane arrives. So there is definitely some kind of correlation.
The single route issue, maybe a loophole in the coding that allows that to happen.


Pushback issue at Stand 103. Found a ‘sweet spot’ when letting the Austrian go.

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Sweet spot? Also ive had the same thing, I also at level 11!

I’ve had my planes (E190 and E175) parked at the gates at INN when the game crashed. After restarting the app, some of my planes (two E190 and three E175) were gone from the stands and also from the landing queue. They are not even part of my fleet anymore.

Has that happened to anyone before?

Just restart the game, they will be back. That bug is getting fixed in the next update.


Just had this happen to me, restart fixed it fine