INN: Innsbruck

The complete, player curated guide, for INN

Written By: @AviaWilliam
Edited By: @tako18126 @Ivan0921 @SainsburysVan @ICEgamer1705 @DuneCrawler

Innsbruck Airport/Kranebitten Airport

General info: LOWI (INN) or commonly Innsbruck is an Airport in the Austrian Alps. It can service up to 11 S and M aircraft in game.
Unlock requirements: Unlock requirements are none, you unlock this once you start the game.

Airport overview:


In game there is only 1 runway and 1 taxiway. While in real life there are 2 Grass Strips on the other side of the runway. RWY 26 is operational. There is in total 1 S cargo stand and 10 Commerical stands

This is the “main” view of the airport. In the picture, you can see everything important and all of the stands. You can see the taxiway that connects the departing planes to the runway from the stands. The far-left S plane stand is the one Cargo stand in Innsbruck.

This is the other side of the runway where the planes taxi off to the stands. No planes land on runway 08 in-game.

There is also one helipad where an Airbus EC135 helicopter occasionally lands. Tapping on the helicopter pays 75₩.

Accepted airplane categories:


S, M class aircraft.
Aircraft that you will see arrive: ATR-72, BAe-146, BAe-146QT, E90, B737, A320. CRJ900 will not show up naturally, only if a player sends it. Various European liveries are available, check hangar.

Stand cost:


important note for buying stands - INN features stand locations in which you can build either S or M stands, locations arent fixed. Also you can change a stands from S to M and in reverse as long as no plane is assigned to it. You have to pay the price though.
2000₩ for S stands.
4000₩ for M stands.
10000₩ for cargo S stands

Aircraft movement:


Aircraft will Taxi off of the left taxiway onto the runway towards and towards the end of the runway (back taxi, only airport in game to feature it). Aircraft will hold short at the end of the apron if an aircraft is taxing out. This greatly slows down runway ops. See Limitations category for further details.



As mentioned, airport is very slow due to the backtaxi requirement. Even though the airport layout is simple it is not that efficient with Mass takeoffs due to small amount of stands. Though, bulk tkf is still advised for grinding. The airport can only have 1 airplane back taxing at the same time and takeoff queues are frequent, along with landing queues.



These are basically the same at all airports. 100 planes handled for one airport, and one player streak respectivly. After 27.5 K passengers handled at INN you will unlock BRI in Italy.
After handling 100 ATRs in bonus time you get two achievements. 1: ATRs are unlocked for purchase with ₩. 2: You get one free ATR. This achievemnt is unique to INN.

Play related categories

Connectivity(for player planes)


Bolded - destination overlaps between aircraft sizes
Italicised - player destinations

S planes -
M planes -

Player strategies


@AviaWilliam suggests: Invest in Service trucks as early as you can so you can have faster turnaround times.

@Ivan0921 suggests: sell any gold planes you get (up to 4-5) to boost your ops. Your end goal is leaving INN because it is very hard to make money on it. Bulk tkf strategy is highly advised. One full rotation, with maxed services will take 10 mins exactly.

@ICEgamer1705 suggests: Once you have unlocked the ATR achievement keep it and do not sell it for one golden plane if you move on to BRI. It is very hard to earn money in INN and it will take a while to get enough money to buy a new plane. To speed up your in game progress move as fast as possible to BRI even though you haven’t completed the connection rewards. You can come back to INN later in the game when you have earned money on other airports.

Final thoughts


INN is not a fun airport to play, nor is it efficient for grinding money. It is advised to leave it for BRI as soon as possible, and then come back once you have a nice supply of golden planes to boost your ops and get your connection achievements.