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Althogh, this “bug” is really anoying. Mainly when your connection partner sends you 20 planes and the thing comes up 20 times…

Want a certificate to be created in the name of “Aviation Gaming”

@carlsberg72 please help me
With the milestone is of 1/2 million passengers handeled at innsbruck

I am from India

Just restarting this for some activeness in forum​:wink::wink:

My actual achievement 1.5m in Innsbruck, username UniqueGolem3982
country: Austria
Thanks, Stefan

Snow Landings!

737s Galore!

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It’s always nice to see a comet! After the ‘economy update’ the comet is such an enormous moneyburning monster that I can’t use them often. I think it should be possible to use them at least between player airports without loosing money. As for the moment they are an economic Desaster, even compared to the concorde. Which is a shame because they have an ancient style and beauty.

Wow. Well written. I do not care about money. I send it to PRG few times a day just to other players have chance to handle it ( I do not have connection with PRG).

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And this E190 is very fusion on taxiing for backtrack.

Well it merge it again.

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I found out some smaller aircraft would depart straight instead of backtrack runway, such as SF34, AT43, AT46 and AT76. However the airport is closed as a invalid action happened. I tried to line up A SF34 and B752 and ends with runway incursion. Its a bug and I have to clear the airport.


Doors open, ready for takeoff


No! I will not take off (sas on right hand side at76)

Just happened to me aswell

It looks like the line-up system has an issue that you can’t have more than two planes on the active runway. eg. an ATR and Airbus (which requires backtrack) together.

Nah this did this automatically. I didn’t line it up. The medium aircraft taxied , but aircraft then landed on the runway by going through them

@boruberry’s new B734F from LEJ.:smiley:

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Level 20 reward :blush:

I really like the feature where the small aircraft don’t backtrack, however for me it’s on pax planes only. The small freighters still backtrack, is this a bug or intentional? Does it happen for anyone else?

There is more bug than I expected as cameras now passes below ground for some reason.

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Heading towards the 100, a couple of @ukplanespotter757 arrivals from LEJ including what I think is a new livery (well since I saw the last one) on the 737 :+1:


It’s not a new livery so to speak, but more of a special livery I’ve put into a few 737s to mix things up a bit (2 737s at INN and the one based at LEJ). Most others will be put into my standard livery.