MCT - Destination suggestions

Since the release of MCT, I have noticed a lack in variety for long haul traffic, and some routes missing obvious airlines. Some new destinations would also be nice, spreading out traffic further and increasing the diversity of our airports. So I thought I’d suggest some new destinations, although they might not be routes realistic for MCT.

Manchester (MAN)
New York JFK (JFK)
Athens (ATH)
Edinburgh (EDI)
Dublin (DUB)
Madrid (MAD)
Tel Aviv (TLV)
Warsaw (WAW)
Birmingham (BHX)
Oslo (OSL)
Copenhagen (CPH)
Stockholm (ARN)
Helsinki (HEL)
Chicago (ORD)
Sydney (SYD)
Auckland (AKL)
Shanghai (PVG)
Beijing (PEK)
London Gatwick (LGW)
Singapore (SIN)
East Midlands (EMA - Cargo only)
London Stansted (STN - Cargo only)
Atlanta (ATL)
Glasgow (GLA)
Memphis (MEM - Cargo only)
Louisville (SDF - Cargo only)
Fukuoka (FUK)
Sapporo (CTS)
Tokyo Narita (NRT)

If anyone can think of more, feel free to add them below!


Are you tellong me that there is a huge lack of destinations just like at SAN??

I wouldn’t say a huge lack, but some major destinations are missing. MCTs biggest issue is the lack of airline variety.


Some of these destinations listed can be added for NGO too!
NGO has limited long haul destinations in my opinion

In my opinion, NGO and IAD have plenty of destinations. I was much expecting MCT to be like NGO in terms of long haul variety.

I am sure they will add more, remember all of the airports with the exception of SAN L/X have had more destinations added over time.

I am not stupid.

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Every one knew what I meant to write. The correction was not needed.


But still.

Rito, I’m not being rude when I say this, but forum members are beginning to get fed up with your unnecessary comments and corrections. A lot of threads you’ve gone onto end up dramatically off topic, and it distracts people from the main subject of the thread. As I say, I’m not trying to be rude but I speak on behalf of myself and others, as the comments are becoming really annoying.


Yeah, Rito… You keep going off-topic and cause a drama, that leads the post to go from runway to dirt… and then it takes a while to revive it.


Yeah that happened when someone suggested some Chinese airlines, he went off onto some war between his country and them

Here we go off topic, BACK TO THE MAIN SUBJECT AT HAND, I haven’t unlocked mct so idk the destinations or anything

For anyone wondering. (Off-topic)

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I think it’s best to draw a line now. Lets return to the subject of the thread. If anyone has any destination suggestions for MCT, please feel free to add them!

Most of the European destinations, Major airports in N. America. Etc.

Yeah, some new Asian ones would be good as well. Surprises me how many airlines didn’t make it onto routes, and how few routes we have between the 8 and 12 hour mark.

Well said mate :clap:

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It’s probably because Oman Air are not a very big carrier. Therefore WoA initially decided just to add destinations that Oman Air fly/flew too. I’m not 100% sure because I haven’t unlocked MCT yet, but it wouldn’t surprise me if that were the case. You also have to think about Geographical location, MCT is about 7hrs from London/Dublin which are the westernmost places in Europe, meaning no destinations between there and JFK.

But I understand what you mean. It can be frustrating to have very few routes on a certain time scale. I particularly find that frustrating out of INN with only MCT and Addis Ababa being on the 6hr mark. Everything else is less than 4hrs on an E190.

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Although Oman Air is one of the smaller of the major Middle East carriers, I still thing more international airlines and routes at least should be added. Plenty of destinations in Asia and Africa which haven’t been added for MCT. Same applies for European destinations and airlines. More destinations in Europe for M aircraft would be nice, and more L/X destinations and airlines added for all parts of the world.