New Game Features

or just don’t start them and they can stay on the ground as long as you like :slight_smile:

not going to happen as far as I know. plenty of ways to earn SP without switching W’s for it. So don’t get your hopes up on that one. I’m afraid.

Yeah I know, but… generally planes don’t sit full of passengers and without a jetbridge attached. Just hurts my brain a little :grin:



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I agree with you so much they can give me like one silver coin for a million Willard and I will still make a lot from over wollars at IAD

I really hope the ATC feature can be improved to look much more realistic.
Let’s take London Heathrow as an example.
I’m sure you all seen this before in WOA

Now compare it to real life

You can see that there is lots of people in the ATC centre like 7 or 8.
They should add a airspace controller which has to be there throughout the game as well as a ATC Manager which is there throughout the game.
I believe there there should also be a ground crew manager which can be activated like ground, approach, Delivery and departure which would automatically assign ground handlers to the gate once the aircraft is assigned and landed.
This depends on smaller airports with smaller towers so this only is available in lager airports.


I hope the approach and delivery control is optimized. Approach should land planes randomly instead of just the order you put them in, delivery should assign gates roughly were they would go in real life. And for those that don’t apply (i.e. airline doesn’t actually fly there) then it can be random.

If they ever decide to go for it, that would be a great feature to implement with an airport time table.
There’s another game I’ve played before, that lets you make your own timetable for your airport and planes come in at their respective slot time.

There’s so much opportunity and possibility with a game like this.
Maybe in the distant future.


Approach/Departure View

This suggestion will be familiar to UATC players. Essentially, instead of just appearing out of nowhere, aircraft can be viewed on approach or departure to an airport. Since 3D scenery has improved greatly in the last few updates, this suggestion is now more viable.

For 2+ runway airports, this is simple. Each aircraft type has a data value specifying its speed and time to approach, land, and exit the runway. This value would be used to determine when another plane can be cleared for approach.

For single runway, it’s a little trickier since you have to account for planes on the ground. But still possible since it is quite easy to estimate how much time an aircraft needs to taxi and take off. Simply factor this in with aircraft already in the air.

For added realism, there could be approach patterns just like in real life for each airport, that aircraft would follow depending on which direction they are arriving from.

Two key points: this feature is more than likely going to have to wait until gear retraction is implemented, otherwise it will look quite strange.

Additionally, it would be crucial to make this optional (meaning it can be turned on and off) for players on low end devices.


I believe UATC once an aircraft is spawned they usually have the gear down on approach.

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Right, this isn’t meant to be a direct copy of UATC. And they’d still need to retract gear on takeoff.


How would the holding pattern work with landing? Rn when an aircraft is cleared to land it is already on final approach. However if it’s in a holding pattern players would need to wait longer for the aircraft to land (we already have lots of complaints about that with the current system) and it would look weird if it suddenly teleports to a new location.
I know you said it could be turned off. But who would leave a feature on that slows down gameplay?

Nvm I take this back. I read it again and you spoke of approach patterns not holding patterns

Yep, no holding patterns. Although this does have the potential to slow down gameplay a bit, so timers, rewards, and other stuff like that might have to be tweaked a bit if this was implemented.


Hi I’ve been playing for a couple months now game is really nice and helps with me being an AV geek

But I think a really simple and nice feature to add is a notification that gets send to you when a player has handle’s your plane and it’s ready to land & you can make to were you get a timer to see how long the plane has again to return to your vice versa it’s a simple but really good to have thanks.

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This feature existed in the past but people with a lot of connection partners complained that they got too many notifications. However you aren’t the only one who wants a return of this feature. I always liked the radar website before it was shut down and believe it would be a good compromise.
Here’s a quick summary of the radar website for people who never got to use it
It was a 2d world map (similar to the one in game) which showed all the airports. Clicking on an airport revealed a timetable which showed when a plane (from both connection partners and yourself) would arrive.

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Simple one here. Make the camera bug a regular easy to use feature. Except the clipping through to Australia part


Idea: Boarding POV

A fixed camera on PRG or BRI jetbridges would be perfect

Just more camera options on PRG at all would be nice lol