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Wait a minute… will this trick still work with lhr, considering it has 120+ gates and irl is almost always full :sweat_smile:

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Stop spamming the devs my god


We already know this is a goal of theirs

I’m sure that the devs have a lot more important things to do than answer questions that have already been answered. They may have released the next update by now if you didn’t email them every 5 mins.


Thats why thay have moderators.

I would love to see in the future a replay button to see our manual landings.

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The timers for the SP->GP conversion is something we’ve been discussing on the discord today, and a potential solution to player’s unhappiness about this is something I recently stumbled across in another game:

Iinstead of the time being the limiting factor, your limiting factor will be ratio of conversion / your ability to earn more. So the first item costed 200k, next 225k, next 275k, next 350k, next 500k, next 700k, next 1m, next 1.5m, etc, in the other game.

I think WoA could implement this in a similar way:

  1. Instead of it being a 7 day / 24 hour clock for the SP-GP conversion, make it reset on Mondays at 00:00 GMT for the 7 days, and 00:00 GMT every day for the 24 hours. Or any other timezone could be used. Syncing it with event planes changing over may make the most sense (I believe that is 0000 GMT+1 if my time zone mathematics is right).

  2. During those 7 days, we can purchase as many times as we want… with the following caveat: the SP price of the conversion increases every time.

     7 days: 10k -> 11k, -> 12.5k -> 15k -> 20k -> 30k -> 50k -> 100k
     1 day: 1500, 1600, 1750, 2000, 2500, 3000, 5000, 10000 etc

    Now obviously these get prohibitively expensive, but thats kinda the point. Your ability to earn becomes the gatekeeper. Not the time of the cooldown.

  3. On reset, the cost reverts to the 10k/1.5k

I think this is a nice balance, the timer goes away, and we have the ability to earn more if we desire to play that long for it. On the other hand, it doesn’t really devalue purchasing GP as these trades get super expensive, so people who want to aren’t being disincentivized for spending!


I like the idea of just watching the planes rather than handling them. But i think people should get no rewards for doing it. Just have it as an option so if people want to be afk for a bit then they can turn the option on until they return. With player aircraft the it would be sent back to the player but no progress would be made on handled planes. So would be nice to have the option, especially for like spotting it would be great. But i bet it would require a lot of work to the gameplay to implement it.


I did not mean it that way. You would handle the planes, but only land, drive to the gate, push back and fly away.
But not exit, refuel, luggage etc… no.
just like in the UATC game

But now I’m used to it and it’s well thought out.

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UATC itself has more looking good and smooth modification of all the aircrafts… Hopefully WoA also do have same level soon…


Difference is UATC doesn’t make their own models.

Could we bring back the option to play in plane spotting areas. I used to love planespotting at BRI and managing the airport at the same time.
Edit: old example at INN



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I think the devs said about that in the Q&A. Can’t find it, it would take forever, but they said something about UI glitches or something

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The glitch mat have been from on-board an aircraft, beacuse if I recall correctly there was a specific button you could press.

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This is if the 787, A350 and A320 remodel will have spinning engine.
I thought to myself could there be an option to choose engine spiral opinion instead of the current G swirl that can be found in the 777-300 and 747-400.
If there is an option to select all engine with all spirals or have the option to paint each engine with a different spirals
Here is a list:

What do you guys think?


Wow that was a good idea, although it may need a lot of work.


When looking for contracts on the map, I would like to stop the time at the airport. Sometimes it takes longer and planes take off late.

The same if I look at the camera on the plane so that a yellow dot symbolizing an exclamation point on the main screen appears, for example, in the lower left part of the screen.



True and I agree to a point, but you can also use the auto handling then you don’t have to worry about it