New Game Features

UATC looks like sh*t for the rest of the game though…

I Quit UATC, it becomes too difficult

New features, Inns or Backtaxi Runway have the camera switch so we can see the plane Taxi from wing view.

UATC was a good game, but it had plenty of faults too.

  1. Talk about slow…… running at 4x was fine for a while until you got caught out with a pathway issue or a go around and have to start over.
  2. Have to start over every time you logged in
  3. Multi player only available for a ridiculous weekly subscription
  4. The ridiculous weekly subscription
  5. Little to no new content even when they re-did the UI
  6. One decent airport in the entire game
  7. Talk about lack of updates
  8. Need I go on.
  9. Monetary generation was ridiculous especially at the beginning
  10. Good attempts at some fake airports
  11. Combinations like DL737’s flying into European airports or far East ones for that matter…

I quit too. The game just didn’t make any sense. The only cool things that remained was the ground stop for bad weather and switching runway directions along with long range viewing of the aircraft . That I liked and hopefully one day WOA will come up with similar

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At least with WOA, we know the Devs use Q1-Q4 even though, we might not know when the update coming UATC has a lot of complain about do you know when the update coming, that’s why people said it’s a dead game (WOA might also facing with fans asking when is the update, at least they do update the game). Even though is long

I’m guessing that one ‘descent’ airport would be Grand Canaria by any chance? For me it was the most fun and engaging airport.


Remember when 2.0 came out in Q3 when they said Q2 after multiple changes in a long delayed update cycle? LOL.

Correct that was the one

Bali airport isn’t that bad. The layout is kind of plain though, comparable to Bari except with more widebodys. The fact that there is one runway didn’t really help things either. Ever since 2020, they’ve only released 3 updates. One which was the rework one which is comparable to 2.0 except no new aircraft, no new or fixed livery, and no new airport. And could you imagine that took two years. That was also two years ago. And a couple weeks ago, my phone told me the app got updated and I got so exited… only to realize it was a bug fix update. And the game can still be buggy. That game had so much potential man…

I would say to get a rework of the boarding and deplane procedure. Currently if an aircraft is parked at a stand with a jetbridge it will use the jetbridge for the front and stairs at the back and at a remote stand it will use the stairs for the front and back. But in real life aircraft can use one or 2 ways to deplane here is a few examples I got:

Front stairs only

Front jetbridge with no stairs at the rear

Front stairs only at stand with jetbridge

Front and rear stairs at stand with jetbridge

Now I couldn’t find a picture of rear stairs only at remote stand but found a video of aircraft with rear stairs only by Russpotter and skip to 31:10 to see it:

Of course you can only choose one of those options for realistic experience and time to take to handle for example A320 with one stairs only takes 4 minute with both stairs take 2 minutes and with jetbridge takes 3 minutes. Of course the cleaning handling car can be replaced with a catering truck but instead of food there are cleaning stuff (same in real life) also it will cost more with more stuff for example:
A320 with front stairs only: Cost: Free
A320 with both rear and front stairs: Cost: 300W per aircraft
A320 with jetbridge: Cost: 600W per aircraft.
Now it will take a bit longer to handle let’s say by about 4-5 minutes but it will be much more realistic experience for the game.

What do you guys think?

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Regarding the boarding procedure, the only real thing I’d like to see in terms of it is 757s and L/X planes defaulting to using the L2 boarding door on Jetways, I’ve only ever deboarded a 757 once through the L1 door, always done through L2, even when on remote stands


New to the game. Have played other games similar to this one. WOA hands down is top shelf.

My one day wish 1: Either auto land or ability to choose runways to process arrivals and departures faster.
2: Some sort of throwback event. Would love to see DC 8, B 707, MD-11, Lockheed Constallation.
With Eastern, Western, BOAC, Pan AM, TWA, LADECO, Varig, Aerolineas Argentinas. I know it would be too much work, but doesn’t hurt to dream.

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I would like to see a feature where private traffic can be utilized. It doesn’t have to have a contract, but you control the aircraft when they randomly become active (We currently see GA aircraft parked but they don’t do anything). Also, a simple animation of gear retraction upon takeoff would look amazing!

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Ok, for the 477th time (sorry not you specifically )but we seem to get this question almost daily.

Gear retraction cannot be done until all the models are updated, this won’t be for at least 6-9 months or more.


To be more specific: it will be done once all first generation aircraft are updated. This currently includes the:

787 (new generation releases soon)
A350 (new generation releases soon)
A320 (new generation is the next in line for development along with the whole rest of the 320 family)
Am I missing any?

This is from a dev chat on September 1st this year.


Your missing dh8d, 77F/772,744F/748F, and 752/753(the only reason I added the variants is because usually variants get added with reworks)

Dash 8, 777F and technically the 757W

Aight thanks

Is there a way Devs can do this Pov?


That would be cool!