New Game Features

Yeah, for the Pushback Mini Game this View like in the Real Life :ok_hand:

If Dev gonna delay our update, then they should also update terminal view for the remaining playable airports.

Will take too long to do that, update according to what I was told is less than a week away

Bro they are delaying the update for a reason it’s cause there’s more work they want to do they aren’t just sitting there with free time to work on that


I get they’re busy with the update, I know they’re trying their best, but it’s kinda an idea.

They are planning to do all of them. Just not all at once


Random Player Arrival should filter out Snow White S & M planes
They are boring to handle

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Would it be an idea to be able to edit already unlocked terminals? What I mean is the following: at the start of a new airport, many terminals are usually unlocked for Small (S) and Medium (M) planes. Later in the game, when everything is unlocked, you might want to allocate some terminals exclusively for Large (L) and Extra-Large (X) planes, excluding Small (S). Or you may have simply made a mistake and unlocked the wrong ones. Unfortunately, due to lack of concentration, I often end up assigning X/L terminals to small planes.


I do recall before they released the last update, there was a passenger camera view where you can see the passengers walking in the gangway to board on to the plane.

But it seems the developers can use this camera view but the gangway view is not available at the moment.


It would be nice to have a maintenance building where we could send our planes when they needed maintenance repair, it would be more realistic than having maintenance repair in the stands.


this is a planned feature already

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Something I think would be nice for lhr especially is if we had the option to purchase the same contract as many times as we want. An example of what I mean is in real life, Emirates sends 9 a380’s daily to lhr, but in the game, we would only be able to sent one(two if old livery is re-added). So maybe we can be allowed to purchase as many contracts as we want. It sounds like it would be easy to add into the game(i could be wrong). Maybe the limit for how many you can purchase can be 10.

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Like This Easyjet

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This would be good for certain airports.
SXM for example doesn’t have the space for a building to handle any plane larger than a DHC6 IRL
It does have to stay realistic to an extent

The latest update has broke my game app wont open says game has a bug

Why Ruanair in game makes butter lendings? It is not reallistic! Ruanair lending in game us in live

That landing gear must be tired of hard landing :joy:


The new interior terminal and interior tower views should replace the current tower and terminal cameras (if available). Additionally you should be able to zome and move the camera like all the other views.

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Nah I think we should just keep both for more variety and options