New Playable Airports - North/Central America

1: Anchorage Ted Stevens International Airport
2: South Alaska
3: ANC
4: This would maybe class as intersecting runways but they technically don’t touch. 07L/25R (3231M) 07R/25L (3779M) 15/33 (3311M)
4a: Mainly Cargo, but some passenger

5a: Alaska, UPS, FedEx, China Airlines, China Cargo Airlines, National Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Sky Lease Cargo, Cathay Pacific, Suparna Airlines, Air China, Air China Cargo, Atlas Air, Delta, Eva Air, Asiana Airlines, Kalitta Air, American, Ravn Alaska, United, Korean Air, Maersk Air Cargo, Aloha Air Cargo, Amazon Air, Sun Country, etc.
6: To start, it would likely be small cargo planes from FedEx (C402 I think) or passenger planes like IAD. Seattle, Denver, Minneapolis, Tokyo, Chicago, Portland, Hong Kong, New York, Vancouver, Fairbanks, Memphis, Louisville, Oakland, Ontario, Shanghai, Honolulu, Miami, Taipei, Salt Lake City, Seoul, Osaka, Los Angeles, Phoenix.
7. I think this would be a good addition so that we have more than one cargo airport. The airport is usually a stopping point for lots of cargo flights, so is always busy.


Anchorage is probably my most desired airport so I’d like to add a few things to this, namely that if Ted Stevens International Airport is added, it should also feature Lake Hood Seaplane Base (LHD) in addition to the main airport. It makes sense to combine these as they are attached through Taxiway V.

For the sake of brevity, I’ll only add to the previous post.

4 - Water / Skiplane Strip Is E/W; length is 4540

5 -


Airlines: Regal Air (Charter, base), Alaska Seaplanes (Charter, utilization)

6 - (I won’t do 20, since I propose this Is only part of an Anchorage airport addition)
Bethel Seaplane Base, Akutan Seaplane Base, Zachary Bay Seaplane Base, Alitak Seaplane Base, Excursion Inlet Seaplane Base, Tenakee Seaplane Base, Sitka Seaplane Outlet

7 - I think, while new airports are always welcome, increasing the variety of ways to play will keep us returning to airports again and again, and adding Seaplanes gives us a really unique experience with the airport. In addition, being the largest seaplane base in the world (190 flights per day), it makes sense to introduce this feature with something like this! It also gives a new feature in Charter planes, which could be a potential interesting mechanic / addition. So if the seaplanes get implemented with the airport being primarily cargo, it not only extends the cargo experience, but adds something new.

  1. Calgary international airport
  2. Calgary, Alberta
  3. YYC
  4. Main runways are 17L/35R (14,000 ft) for eastern traffic and 17R/35L (12,675 ft) for western traffic
    4a. Passenger and cargo

5a. Hub for Westjet and Lynx air. Focus airport for Air Canada and Flair airlines as well as flights from Sunwing, United, American Airlines, Delta, Air north, Porter airlines, and notable international flights with KLM, Eurowings discover and Edelweiss

  1. The 10 busiest routes for the airport (and therefore the 10 best starter destinations) are Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, Saskatoon, Kelowna, Winnipeg, Regina, Fort McMurray, Grand prarie and Victoria. After that, other interesting destinations would be Yellowknife, Whitehorse, Halifax, St. Johns, Seattle, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Frankfurt and London Heathrow.

  2. I believe this airport would be an excellent addition to the game for four main reasons.

a) Airport size and traffic volume. This is the main reason why I chose this airport over other airports in Canada. YYC is not an incredibly high traffic airport compared to IAD, where we get stuck with a lot of arrivals that we just can’t process in a reasonable amount of time. However, its also not a small airport, with multiple daily wide-body flights and the ability to handle double-decker aircraft, meaning we can still handle a large amount of wide-body aircraft. It also has a surprisingly large amount of cargo movement, with two large cargo aprons on it’s western side and scheduled wide-body freight aircraft from various operators (ex. Cathay 747F). This means it doesn’t sacrifice cargo handling for passenger handling.

b) Layout. With it’s terminal sandwiched between both main runways, YYC’s layout allows for very quick taxiing between the runways and stands. In-game, the parallel runway layout further increase this efficiency, with one acting as the arrival runway and the other as the departure runway, similar to IAD or pre-update MCT.

c) Option for new aircraft types and liverys. A few examples are the 737 classic (flown by air north), the CL-215/415 water bomber (S cargo aircraft, utilizes a new special arrival mechanic), the Boeing 767F (Amazon air, Westjet cargo), and the beechcraft 1900 (Pacific coastal airlines, Central mountain air, formerly Air Canada express, as well as charters). I would have suggested the A220 as it flies to YYC regularly with Air Canada, however the A220 was already announced earlier this month.

d) Possible new game mechanics. The most interesting mechanic YYC could introduce is special/emergency arrivals which would give a bigger reward depending on how fast they were handled (this is the idea I had for the CL-215/415). Another fun idea could be a snow plowing minigame where the player could play a minigame to clear snow off the runway before a flight lands or departs.

YYC would be similar to NGO in size, however it has the benefit of parallel runways and shorter taxi times compared to larger airports like MCT and IAD. It’s the perfect airport for players who want to play with a large airport without having to wait for long taxi times or get frustrated with single runway airports.

Added bonus is that there’s a pretty significant spotter community at the airport, with quite a few spots that give great views of traffic with the backdrop of the rocky mountains behind them.


New Orleans airport
New Orleans
02/20 2,314M/7,001FT
11/29 3,080M/10,104
Passenger and cargo

Breeze airlines
Washington, New York, Boston, Miami, Los Angeles, Toronto, Montreal, Mexico city, Cancun, Norfolk, Buffalo, Chicago, Detroit, Salt Lake city Seattle, San Juan, Philadelphia, Atlanta, San Diego, San Francisco,
New Orleans airport. WOAs abounded playable airport in the game it was proposed to be a playable airport but for whatever reason both New Orleans Airport and Prague 2035 Airport (and almost Muscat) was removed from the game. It would be nice if it would be brought back into the game to be a playable airport again.


Cleveland Hopkins international
Cleveland ohio
IATA code:Cle
ICAO code:kcle
Cleveland Hopkins s covers an area of 1,717 acres and has three runways
06r/24l:9953x150 feet,3034x46 meters, concrete
06l/24r:9000x150 feet,2743x46meters,concrete
10/28:6018x150 feet,1834x46 meters ,asphalt ,concrete
Passenger with a large cargo presence:46 passenger gates and 10 cargo stands
Can accommodate s,m,l,x aircraft

The main airlines that use the airport is united airlines (focus city with a crew, pilot, and maintenance center.),frontier(focus city),delta,southwest,spirit,American

Aerlingus : Dublin, a321
Aircanada express :Toronto Pearson, crj200 and 900
Alaska :Seattle , 737-900 and max 9
American Airlines :Charlotte Douglas(a321,737),dfw(737-800), Chicago Ord (crj200, crj-700 ,e-175, 737-800), Miami (e175, and 737-800), Philadelphia (e-175,737-800,a-319), phoenix (a320), New York-jfk(e-175), New York lga(e175), Washington national-dca (crj-700 and crj-900)
Delta : Atlanta (a320,a321,737-900) Detroit ( crj-900) msp (crj-900, e-175, 717), Boston (e-175) jfk(e-175,crj-900) LaGuardia ( e-175,crj-900)
Frontier a320 family all flights Cancun, Denver, Fort Lauderdale, fort meyers, Las Vegas, Orlando, Phoenix, punts Cana, San Juan, Tampa, Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas Fort Worth, Miami, Raleigh Durham,Philadelphia, sand Diego, San Francisco, Sarasota
JetBlue : Boston (e-190)
Southwest 737 all flights: Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago midway, Denver, Las Vegas, Nashville, phoenix, Orland, Saint Louis, fort meyers, Sarasota, Tampa
Spirit all flights a320 family Atlanta, fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas, los angles, Miami, Orlando ,fort meyers, myrtle beach, Tampa
United : Cancun ( 737max9), Chicago (737-700,737-800,737-900 737 max 8 737max 9), Denver (737-800,737-900,737max9), fort Lauderdale (737max8), Houston( 737-800,737-900,737max8), los angles ( 737-8,737max8) Newark ( 737-700,737-800,737-900,737max8,737max9,e-175), Orlando (737-800), San Francisco (737-800,737-900,737max8,737max9), Washington-iAd ( 737-700,737-800,737-900,737max8,737max9,e-175)
Ups: varies
FedEx: varies

Cleveland Hopkins is a medium to large sized airport supporting a lot of airlines and flights. This airport would fit nicely in the beginning of the game ( near Prague ). At this stage you are craving an Airport that is not located in Europe. It is also located in the middle of the country so it can accept flights from almost anywhere. Cleveland is currently gaining airlines so that would keep the airport fun since you airlines are changing. We are also important because we have multiple airlines focus city and crew fact we were the first airport in the United States and have the worlds oldest atc tower.

  1. Daniel Inouye International Airport
  2. Honolulu, HI, USA
  3. HNL
  4. It has 4 runways, including two large ones, 08L/26R and 08R/26L. 08L is the most used, it measures 12312 ft/3753 m.

The other two runways, 04L/22R and 04R/22L are a lot smaller and are primarily used for regional and general aviation. It would be plausible to make them unusable in the game like PRGs second runway.
4a. Yes, pax and cargo

5a. It is the main hub for Hawaiian Airlines, which uniquely operates commuter flights with B717s. Other major airlines present are United (South Pacific flights), Delta, American, Southwest, and Alaska. Virtually every major Asian and South Pacific airline flies there as well, including ZipAir and AirAsia X.

For cargo, FedEx and UPS are the most common, however DHL, Kalitta Air, Amazon, and Western Global are also present.

In addition, new airlines/liveries/features that could be added:

  • Hawaiian B717s are a must
  • Mokulele Airlines, with the E170, SF34, and C208
  • Island Air, with the ATR42, ATR72, and DHC8
  • Aloha Airlines, defunct but used to fly the B737 and B738
  • Aloha Air Cargo, flying the B734F, SF34F, and B763F
  • Asia Pacific, cargo airline flying the B752F
  • Some smaller airlines use FBOs instead of the terminal.
  • There is a seaplane base and 2 water runways, which could be part of the game or an Easter egg like the INN helicopter.
  • Nearby Hickam AFB, which is attached the airport, features multiple USAF units including C17s, F22 Raptors, and C40 Clippers.
  • ANA A380s should be permanent contracts, either as level rewards or standard map contracts. They were designed to fly to HNL exclusively after all.
  1. Pretty much any destination in East Asia, Australia, South Pacific, or Western US and Canada is fair game. It would be a great opportunity to add more South Pacific destinations such as MAJ, KWA, KSA, TKK, PNI, GUM, NAD, and PPT. United in particular operates B738s to these islands from HNL.
  2. Even though there are already two US airports, this one is different. It is in a Pacific island which opens up the possibility for lots of new airlines, liveries, aircraft, and connections to SAN, NGO, and the rumored Australian airport if and when it is added.

Beyond that, it’s a very unique airport in a beautiful tropical setting with plenty of passenger, cargo, GA, and military action. It’s a large airport in terms of area, but it has a similar number of gates to MCT. The airport is partially built on an artificial island as well, and there are numerous famous sites that could be modeled in game such as Pearl Harbor, Waikiki beach, as well as the Honolulu Skyline which aircraft on approach frequently pass.


. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
2. Atlanta, GA
3. ATL
4. 26L & 27R

Passenger and cargo
5a. Delta & their Skyteam partners & Southwest aka AirTran

The layout of the airport alone would be great because you can start with just concourse T and make your way up and you can’t use L or X pax until concourse E and F


Please use this thread for suggesting possible playable airports in North/Central America.
When suggesting, please think about the game itself before you post.
Preference is 1 to 2 runways and parallel (no crossing runways. Yet.

  1. Airport name
  2. Airport Location
  3. IATA airport code (the 3 letter one)
  4. Main runway used/length of runway.
    4a. Passenger and/or cargo
  5. Screenshot of airport
    5a. Main airlines that utilize airport or are based there.
  6. A list of 20 initial destinations that could be set up for it
  7. Why you think this airport would be good for the game.

Please submit airports one at a time. Multiple airports on one post WILL be deleted
Check existing thread before adding new requests

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  1. San Francisco international airport
  2. San Francisco, California, USA
  3. SFO
  4. Main runways used are 28L/10R and 28R/10L, runways 1L/19R and 1R/19L are used for smaller aircraft and during cloudy and rainy conditions all aircraft land on those runways
    4a. Passengers and a little bit of cargo

5a. SFO is the main hub for United Airlines and Alaska Airlines
6. The destinations used today out of the airports are to cities such as Taipei, both Tokyo airports, Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Munich, Istanbul, Barcelona, Madrid, Delhi, Mumbai, Dubai, Doha, Copenhagen, Dublin, Papeete (French Polynesia), Auckland, Sydney and more
7. This airport would be very good for the game because there currently isn’t a big US west coast airport in the game. Yes we have San Diego but that airport isn’t that big. SFO or even LAX would be a great add to the game but I’m from the Bay Area so I’m wanting SFO to get added to the game as the new US west coast airport

  1. Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla International Airport
  2. Guadalajara, jalisco, Mexico
  3. Runway 28/10 Length 4,000m or 13,123 feet.
    4a. Passengers/Cargo

5a. Volaris, VivaAerobús currently have a hub and Aeroméxico (connect) currently have a focus city. Tar Aerolíneas, Calafia Airlines, Magni Charter, Señor Air[New Airline], Mexicana de Aviación[New Airline], American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Copa Airlines, Delta Airlines, Flair Airlines, United Airlines(express).

6.Acapulco, Cancún, Charlotte, Chetumal, Chicago–Midway, Chicago–O’Hare, Chihuahua, Ciudad Juárez, Ciudad Obregón, Cozumel, Culiacán, Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver, Fresno, Hermosillo, Houston–Intercontinental, Huatulco, La Paz, Loreto, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Los Mochis, Mérida, Mexicali, Mexico City, Mexico City–AIFA, Miami, Monterrey, New York–JFK, Oakland, Oaxaca, Ontario(CA), Orlando, Phoenix–Sky Harbor, Portland (OR), Puerto Escondido, Puerto Vallarta, Reno/Tahoe, Sacramento, San Antonio, San Jose (CA), San José del Cabo, Seattle/Tacoma, Tapachula, Tijuana, Toluca/Mexico City, Torreón/Gómez Palacio, Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Veracruz, Villahermosa.

  1. I think it would be good for the game because Guadalajara international airport is a well known and fast growing airport in México. There isn’t currently playable airport for Mexico and its a mediums size airport which it won’t take as long to make. And i think it would be a pretty fun airport to upgrade and watch it grow over time when you play.

[Extra Info] Guadalajara international airport is also currently under construction with its second runway which will change the runways numbers in the future they will also be taking down taxi ways and making new ones but thats all set to complete in late 2025 and 2026 but when this construction is completed this could be a later on update for the airport in a couple years if your release it.

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1.Vancouver International Airport

2.Richmond, B.C., CAN


08L/26R= 3030m
4a. Passenger and cargo

(these photos are a bit outdated since concourse D has since undergone an expansion)
Air Canada
Air transat(until pandemic)
Pacific coastal airlines(Not in game but operates sf34)
Air North
Flair Airlines
Iskew Air(Not in Game)
Lynx Air

6.Toronto, Tokyo Narita, Montreal, Calgary, Nanaimo, Comox, Victoria, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Nadi, Sdyney, London-Heathrow, Edmonton, Manila, Campbell River, Frankfurt, Tofino, Saskatoon, San Francisco

  1. This airport would be good because it would allow for seaplanes like the DHC-2 to be added in the game, and would have probably the best looking scenery in the game probably like modern architecture, the Rockies, and the Pacific Ocean. It also has a pretty big De-Icing center so this airport could be the first one to actually have planes taxiing to the de-icing spot instead of doing it at the gate. It was also ranked North Americas best airport for I’m pretty sure 25 years in a row but has come second behind Seattle in the last two years. It was also ranked a top 10 airport in the world a couple times. Of course I don’t expect it to be added until at least late 2024 because the devs are probably going to finish adding airports in some missing continents first but it would be great if this could be the next North American airport. Plus it would also make sense for North America because we already have a Caribbean airport, we already have 2 U.S. airports, so it would kind of make sense for Canada to come next.

Hello I’m new to the world of airport and I live in the Pacific Northwest region of America but have family in the Hawaiian Islands. Do think for a future airport idea maybe you might consider Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA)