WOA - Pre Stand Allocation (Suggestion)

Hi All,

I know it’s not top priority but just throwing this in here.

Over many weeks I continue to update the LHR stand can be found here with 5 stands based on real life data, which terminal and etc.

Man my hands are hurting trying to find the right stand again, double clicking a button for over 150+ planes.

So I would love if the devs was able to implement something that allowed you to pre-allocate stands based on airline and destination.


LHR 3 320/323/328/331/336 A332 Delta Air Lines DL59 Boston United States
LHR 3 313/317/321/326/365 A333/A339 Virgin Atlantic VS11 Boston United States

Here is two airlines with the same destination with different stands “I want to pre-allocate the DAL to the 5 stands if available”

I want to be able to do the same with the other airline so this has to be airline/destination specific and not just airline specific generically.

Now I can imagine that’s not an easy task and may or may not have been asked for already.

But that’s just my two cents for a future feature.


Ugh this again :tired_face:
Seriously why is people thinking that General Discussions tab is a great idea instead of the idea suggestion tab.
Mods move it to the correct tab, it’s started to get annoying


Forgive me if im wrong here?

There isn’t a category under suggestions that would suite this?

A. New Liveries/Airlines
B. New Playable Airports
C. New Destinations
D. Existing/Missing Destinations
E. New Aircraft

If there was an option that was under here for this like Gameplay Suggestions it would be in there.

But no problem for annoying you.


Actually your wrong

There is 2 posts that is not under the category they are New Game features and new Game UI features linked below

Hi Eco,

My bad then apologies.

To prevent this in the future my suggestion to mod’s is to add another category for this please because when I look at that forum I would just assume hey there is no category so where does it go and everything else at a quick glance just look like subpages from the suggestion.

Anyways I cannot shift this topic in suggestions now.


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