2.3.0 Release notes

New Features

  • Advanced airplane models for the A320 family (A318, A319, A19N, A320, A20N, A321, A21N, A21NX, A321F) including 3 different engine types (CFM, IAE, NEO) and wingtip fences or sharklets

  • 324 new or refurbished liveries of real airlines and 144 custom liveries for the A320 family (see detailed list on WoA Forum under ‘New Content / Liveries’ category or ‘release-230’ tag)

  • New taxiway system for airplanes

  • Upgraded models of airport buses at all airports

  • 25 new destinations (details on WoA Forum under “New Content” category or “release-230” tag)

  • Boarding of passengers directly from the terminal at INN Innsbruck and BRI Bari at some stands

  • Last contracts selection update: The last handled player name from the random player contract shown as well while assigning new contract to fleet airplane

  • Adjust seats notification added to the world map screen when no routes are available for the fleet player’s airplane with the current seat configuration

Bug fixes

  • Fixes for airplanes getting stuck on taxiways and overlapping issues related to the new taxiway system.

  • Correction for suggested contracts being locked (e.g., Regional contracts locked even if the player has 2 airplane stars).

  • Maximum handling crew reached bug fix: Resolves an issue where the game does not allow more handling crew to be assigned even though they are available.

  • Arrivals and departures ratio adjustments for tower controllers to prevent deadlocks at airports

  • Player airplanes sent to another player are not displayed (sync bug; game restart was needed)

  • Player contract stuck on “Waiting for player to accept contract” after acceptance resolved (sync bug; game restart was needed)

  • Accepted contract not synced on map contracts and in the contract offers (server error displayed: already owned contract)

  • Correction of thrust reversal timing

  • Resolution for the game being stuck while opening an airport with the enabled tutorial without any highlighted stand or terminal

  • Entry to Hangar no longer blocked by a message from the tutorial

  • Negative contract slots amount after cancellation of contracts with airlines corrected

  • PRG stand 13 adjusted to prevent airplane overlap on the stand


Thanks for all the hard work
The team did an amazing job!

I was really hoping to get some new levels this update :sweat_smile:
Still hoping for missing destinations Like BOS-SXM for JBU

Just a question though, what changes were made to the taxiway system?
For example SXM, I haven’t noticed any real big changes to it


I found that the A21NX have 4 doors on each side, however, the A21N have 5. It seems to be reversed, when I search the info. for those two types. The A21NX model in the game should be named as A21N, and vice versa. It maybe is a mistake. FYI. →A mismatching for the A321 model name

I found that this version doesn’t work on my Chromebook anymore. If you have ideas, please post them here: Version 2.3.0 not working on my Chromebook

It’s very excited to get this update, very well done for all hard work.

Just try to play, I got bug for new taxi system at Muscat airport. Some planes stuck and stop taxiing. Hopefully there will be another update soon.



I also noticed, but mostly at LEJ that you toggle the Marshall mini game but the plane still taxis in on its own

Wow… That is amazing thank you Devs love the update :heart_eyes:

What does this mean?

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It means they have reconfigured all the taxiing options to make less issues for aircraft moving around the airports.


Those making comments about bugs, please report them directly to support@flyboys.games.

They will not be reviewed here…


Yess, me too it makes me quite uncomfortable :((

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