BRI: Bari

The complete, player curated guide, for BRI

Written by: @Ivan0921
Edited by: @tako18126 @AviaWilliam @SainsburysVan

Bari Karol Wojtyła Airport / Bari Palese

General info

Airport is located in the south-east of the Italian peninsula. It is the second airport that you will unlock in WoA. Unlocking BRI requires you to transport 27500 passangers at INN.

Airport overview


The airport features one runway and two main taxiways. RWY25 is the active one. Aircraft land on the left side of the screen and move right. Same direction is maintained on tkf. A total of 25 stands are present. More on those later.

This is the “main” view of the airport. In the picture you can see everything important and all of the stands.

On the next few pictures wr will cover the runway exit taxiways from left to right.
The furthest left one is the one on which aircraft will reach the runway

The next taxiway is not utilised.

On this X cross, the slightly curved taxiway is used by S planes to vacate the runway

On this last picture the left one is used by M planes and the right one by L planes

Aircraft categories and expected arrivals


At BRI accepted aircraft categories are S (pax and cargo), M and L. Airlines that will apear are only European. You will not for ex. get a United jet. Check the hangar for all available liveries. Most of them show up, some more often than others.
S planes- ATRs and BAes are oftenly seen. CRJ will not apear, unless sent by other players.
M planes- A320 is a bit more common than the 738. E190s also appear occasionally.
L planes- as of right now 787s, A340s and 77W all apear. The latest adition, the A350 does not.

Stands, airport layout, costs


The airport features a total of 25 stands:
9S stands
10M stands
2L stands
4S Cargo stands

S stands- all are available for purchase
For buying M and L stands you need to aquire the small building on the far right of the apron. It is called the Advanced handling building. Visible to the left of arrivals queue

M stands- 101/107 are immediatelly available. 302/311 require building of the terminal building.
L stands do not have any other requirements
S Cargo are immediately available.

2000 ₩ for standard S stands.
4000₩ for M stands.
6000₩ for L stands.
10000₩ for cargo S stands.

As for layout of the airport, once again from left to right. In pictures on which not all stands are available stands labeled in green are available.

Top row are 4M, bottom 2S

The two L stands

Terminal building, 6M, 5S

And finally the 4S Cargo stands and last 2S

Aircraft movement (taxi paths, bottlenecks)


The airport has a quite simple layout, this combined with the fact that bulk tkf is advised as the main play style, means that there isnt anything to cover for this topic.

Random notes


Taxi times for L planes ate a bit long.
If you want to seriously grind money, first max out stands, even S ones, and max out all service upgrades. Buy extra vehicles accordingly.



Continuous play over time backs up traffic at the airport, and leaves most stands empty. Continuous play is not recommended. The airport can only have 1 airplane taxing at the same time from parking stands. A plane pushing back from a terminal stand stalls the movement of many taxiing planes. Takeoff queues are frequent, along with landing queues.
Bulk play is reccomended.

note - in the beggining obviously use continuos play. Bulk is only for when youre almost maxed on stands and servicing efficiency and you start getting takeoff queues - trust me, you will know it when you see it.



Handling 117,500 passengers will unlock Prague(PRG) in the Czech Republic.
Handling 100 BAe-146 in bonus time will unlock the BAe-146, allowing you to start purchasing them for 44,000₩ or the plane could be exchanged for 2 golden planes.
Other achievements are the usual connection achievements - 100 plane streak for one airport, and one player respectively. Airports are INN, PRG, IAD, NGO. This means that BRI is the only airport from which you can fly to every other in game airport.

Play related categories

Connectivity (for player planes)


Bolded - destination available on multiple plane sizes
Italicised - player destination
In brackets - price in ₩
note - small oversight on my part, i forgot that the prices are only true for my plane types, but they should still give you a good indication of route profitiability
So, prices are actual for BAe146, A320 and B787

S connections - INN(364), PRG(459), CAG(311), FCO(182),

M connections - INN(571), PRG(730), CAG(484), GDN(1094), STN(1300), CDG(1043), TXL(949), SVO(1711), OSL(1650), WAW(927), TLV(1442), AMS(1142).

L connections - NGO(19227), IAD(14852), PRG(1586), ICN(17349), LHR(2801), EWR(14119), DXB(7215), DOH(6605).

Player strategies


@AviaWilliam Suggests: While at INN save one (1) Golden Plane and exchange it for 10,000 W. At BRI buy advanced handling and buy one M stand and upgrade Service trucks to lvl 2 each buy another bus and fuel truck and you’re ready for Bari!
@tako18126 Suggests: Once service trucks are upgraded focus on purchasing stands that are NOT connected to the terminals. Invest in the M stands that are not connected to the terminal. Cargo is also key, make sure to purchase the cargo stand before as well.
@Ivan0921 Suggests: use of gold planes to speed up early ramp up of operations is suggested. I advise having 4-5 S stands so you can quickly get the BAe achievement. Focus on immediate development of the 4 M stands, followed by L, then terminal and its M stands, and finally S Cargo and other S stands. Aim to have all stands bought. Do not forget to upgrade vehicles for maximum grind efficiency.

Final thoughts


BRI is an excelent airport to introduce begginers to the fuller potential of the game, bcs as was mentioned INN is inherently difficult for grinding cash. It also serves, in my opinion, as the best airport for learning how to build and use your own fleet. Once upgaded fully (both stands and services) and along with a strong fleet, BRI can also become a good airport for farming golden planes while youre chasing connections and achievements.

I hope you enjoyed reading, and more importantly found this usefull in your progression through WoA. :slight_smile:
~Ivan, along with Tako, Avia and Jamster